Urban Well-Being: Megan Young Appreciates Lush Greenery Within the City, Finds a Match in This Nature-Inspired Condominium - Suite Life

Woodsville Crest: RLC Residences’ newest property offers outdoor living while towering in the southern area of Metro Manila.

According to Google’s 2020 Year in Search for the Philippines, during the height of the pandemic, many struggled to find a balance between work, relaxation, and the desire to be outdoors. While everyone was stuck at home, it made more sense than ever to invest in a home that’s all for both efficiency and comfort.

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These are things model, actress, and health and fitness advocate Megan Young relate to as someone who values outdoor living spaces. Of course, since the past almost two years have held us indoors and we’ve been through several changes in quarantine restrictions.

Throughout the day, she and her husband Mikael enjoy the view of sunsets and its warmth peeking through her unit’s window.

An artists perspective of a one-bedroom unit in RLC Residences’ latest property offering. / Photo courtesy of RLC Residences

In line with this idea, real estate developer RLC Residences looks to reach this market who values a nature-inspired lifestyle through Woodsville Crest. This latest property offer to merge home tech innovations (smart home, unit upgrades, and storage solutions) with verdant landscapes and open spaces.

Woodville Crest’s Jog Trail within its property./ Photo courtesy of RLC Residences

Located at Merville in Paranaque, Woodsville Crest provides studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. The condominium also features more amenities to encourage outdoor living like lap and kiddie pools, jogging trails, landscaped areas, and a grilling station. RLC Residences have also included a fitness gym, lounge, and co-working spaces for more opportunities to stay fit and productive.

Holistic living

For those with multi-faceted lives similar to Young—you may appreciate a home with smart technology and amenities to cater to an active lifestyle. “When it comes to [me and my husband Mikael’s] lifestyle, we’re very minimal. So we don’t really look for too much on the nitty-gritty details, but we want to make sure that it’s definitely a space that we can make into our own,” Young says.

On other amenities they look for when investing in a condominium space, Young says that a gym is beneficial to stay on track with fitness and health.

In addition, the 31-one-year-old appreciates greenery to stay grounded. “Because growing up in the city, all you see are buildings and [there’s a lot of] smog in the city, so you want to have a space where you can have more greenery, more plants,” she says. “Para may sense of nature ka din even though you’re in the city.”

On their realizations from the pandemic, Young believes that being pleased with your home and learning how to be happy in general is key—and that can come with finding the right property to suit your lifestyle.

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