3 Ways You Can Create Better Resolutions That Matter Right Now

Taking off from the disorder and uncertainty of 2020, here’s how you can make better resolutions this year, and commit to them.

Every January, some of us would list our goals for the rest of the year. Most of these can be overwhelming ones like having a plant-based diet after years of ignoring healthy food, losing a specific number of pounds, or traveling to a dream destination abroad. Last year, I was among these people. I made a list of goals—small, achievable targets, and major or long-term ones. However, not one item on this list came to fruition because of the pandemic. As with most people, the COVID-19 outbreak overthrew my plans.

Nearly a year into the outbreak in the country, with many issues that surfaced, it seems difficult to make plans again. However, we shouldn’t lose hope. Even when we are struggling, we can still find ways to look out for ourselves and our loved ones. Here are easier alternatives you can do to make your 2021 better (even for a little bit) than 2020.

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Think about what you want

The months of lockdown was a period of navigating the new changes amid the pandemic. Now we have settled into new routines, it is time to reflect on your goals. What do you want to achieve this year that can be done in a week or a month? Rather than setting general targets, it is easier to achieve them when you break them down into specific timelines.

For instance, I love chocolates but I want to lessen my intake to improve my diet. So, I am targeting to eat only three square pieces every week. As I learn to control myself, then I will gradually change my target to two every week and then one until I can only eat four pieces every month.

Track your habits

Life in quarantine can start feeling like you are no longer in control of your time. It may seem like the days are simply passing by and you are not conscious of how you have been spending each one. If you want to feel in charge again, then start identifying your habits and progress. Whether you want to be more productive while working from home or you have a creative pursuit you want to excel at, take note of your achievements on a journal, no matter how small they are. Seeing your practices at a glance will help you keep grounded and will remind you to keep moving forward.

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Embrace reflection

With a lot more time on our hands, we have the tendency to fill up our schedules with a variety of activities. We may feel the pressure to be more productive, leaving no time to have quiet moments with ourselves. Yet ruminating on our thoughts, feelings, and experiences is essential these days. Living in a pandemic-stricken world can be difficult and so take out any fears of letting your thoughts swim in your head. Embrace the process of reflecting as this can give you insights into what you want, how you can cope with problems, and the reason why you keep moving forward. Reflecting can you help you identify the way you lived the past year and how you can make positive changes. Better yet, you can even be simply proud of yourself for making it through.

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