Weekend Task: Before Going Out For A Drive, Check Out This Cleansing Treatment For Your Car - Play

Lexus’ Bactaklenz Treatment is 20 percent off from now until the 15th.

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Last year, in the early stages of the pandemic, Lexus and its parent brand Toyota introduced its proprietary Bactaklenz Treatment. This, in part, was a way to alleviate the worry on the minds of car owners of possible harmful droplets and the like that can build up in a vehicle over time. 

This month, Lexus Manila Service Center is giving a hefty discount for the treatment from May 3 to 15, 2021

The treatment uses a portable machine that emits a pine-scented vapor to eliminate common molds, fungi, viruses and bacteria, including the hard to reach places in the interior like the air-conditioning system of your Lexus. 

Clear the air

The treatment takes only 15 minutes and promises to kill 99 percent of germs which can provide protection for up to three months.

This Lexus Sanitation promo gives a 20 percent off on the Lexus Backtaklenz service. A 20 percent discount is also available for a bundle composed of a UV lamp, which helps in killing bacteria and microorganisms and an air purifier helping reduce the change of airborne diseases. (It is 10 percent off if purchased separately.)

To learn more, visit lexus.com.ph. To arrange a consultation with your personal service advisor, book a service online here

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