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While many of us welcome cooler days, your hair might not.

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It’s officially the rainy season. Gone are the hot, sunny days of summer and here to stay is the gloomy, damp, and humid weather. But while many are happy to finally experience cooler temperatures after months of excruciating heat, others are likely experiencing bad hair days more frequently.

It’s not because of the pandemic or prolonged stays at home. It’s simply the change of weather and the excess moisture in the air that creates the perfect conditions for the hair to look frizzy, limp, flat, and full of flyaways.

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Moisture absorbed from water vapor causes dry hair strands to be heavy, which then results in loss of hair shape and volume. Normal and healthy hair retains 15 percent of natural water. On a humid day, though, the hair may absorb up to double that number.

It becomes even worse when hair comes into contact with rainwater. A few drops of it messes with the hair’s keratin proteins, making it frizzier and curlier. Such weather can also weaken the roots and affect follicle strength, as well as trigger dandruff.

These rain-induced troubles, however, no matter how bad, can be prevented and it starts by applying the tender love and care it deserves.

Tried and tested

For the ladies of society, it’s all about finding effective and reliable products.

Alelee Andanar, who has had her fair share of hair struggles, says searching for the right product for her hair type “has always been a problem of mine.”

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“My hair is naturally curly so my hair frizzes in both extreme heat and rainy weather,” she says. “Good thing I discovered hair oils as a remedy.”

Two of her favorites to keep her hair “tamed, more flat, and manageable” are Ouai Hair Oil (Php1,780), a multitasking oil that smooths frizz and seals split ends for a healthy, shiny finish; and Kerastase Oleo Relax Hair Oil for Frizzy Hair (Php1,900), which moisturizes frizzy hair, and suppresses unwanted hair volume.

Anna Angara, who has also been trying to maintain her naturally curly hair that she used to straighten pre-pandemic, also loves another Kerastase product—the Reflection Illuminating Protecting Fluid.

It leaves the hair nourished with a perfect radiance, which tends to her hair that has suffered from “the years of straightening [that] have dried and damaged it.”

For Kai Lim, who blow dries her hair regularly and has it dyed every two months, she “takes extra care [of it so] that it doesn’t get dry and unruly” by shampooing and conditioning with the Kerastase Discipline line (Php1,750 and Php2,050 respectively).

For when she needs it, she uses volumizing products to fight off humidity. “My hair is thin and fine so I need all the help I can get to make it look thicker,” she says. Her go-to, Osis+ Mousse (Php702), does just that, while the Charles Worthington Texturizing Spray (Php470) adds even more hair volume.

Healthy hair habits

As one’s crowning glory is different from another person’s, a certain hair product may work well for one and the effects could be the exact opposite for another. Hair care is not one size fits all. The key is to examine one’s own tresses, identify its needs, and make adjustments where necessary.

Sometimes, it’s not just the weather that’s at fault. In some instances, it is lifestyle choices that worsen the state of one’s hair during the rainy season.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association suggests changing practices that actually damage the hair: shampooing into the length of the hair instead of massaging the scalp; blow drying regularly instead of letting it air dry; and not using a wide-tooth comb to brush hair post-shower.

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A diet rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals is also beneficial for the hair, according to BBC Good Food: protein prevents dry, brittle, and weak locks; iron prevents hair loss; Vitamin C aids iron absorption and helps in collagen production; Omega-3 fatty acids keeps the scalp from drying out; Vitamin A is for the production of sebum, which serves as natural conditioner for the scalp; and Vitamin E, which prevents hair loss and flaky scalp.

Regardless of the product or practice, remember to care for the hair in this rainy season and  never let the gloom get to one’s hair. 

This piece originally came out in the July 2021 of Lifestyle Asia.

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