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One brand holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment from Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh.

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Although you might be missing the sunshine from summer, the rains come with a silver lining: a good reason to shop. From now to the coming months, our rubber footwear and rain jackets are becoming staples again. And even though another enhanced community quarantine is upon us, there are some errands we have to take, such as grocery shopping and essential hospital check-ups. 

From bold and bright-colored rainproof jackets to a classic British brand’s protective footwear offerings, you might find your new favorite water-tight pieces for this year from these five brands that merge functionality with design.


The 168-year-old brand continues to produce handmade boots that protect your feet from the elements. Made in France, every boot is created by rubber craftsmen, and all together, they make up to 4,000 pairs a day.

Separated into categories, you can choose the proper rubber boots you need, whether for hiking, gardening, fishing, or even for the seaside. Aigle’s “urban” collection provides styles from fun prints to glossy finished ones if you’re looking for boots to wear in the city. 

Aigle’s Virtual Traveller, the French brand’s newest apparel collection. (Photo courtesy of Aigle)

However, the French brand known for its boots can also be a source of water-proof outerwear. For breathable apparel, because the weather remains humid, Aigle launches Virtual Traveller. Their latest apparel collection is lightweight and designed with its original monogram print.

Pieces from Aigle’s Cosmic Summer collection. (Photo courtesy of Aigle)

For wardrobe updates that provide more protection from rainfall, Aigle’s Cosmic Summer collection includes thicker materials that remain rain-proof. With its bright designs, you can wear these pieces with solid colored trousers for a fashion-forward contrast.

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If you lean toward a more minimal aesthetic, you might have trouble winding down your cart to only a couple of items. Founded in Denmark in 2012, the label has expanded from its initial product release of ponchos to various apparel and accessories. 

You can expect raindrops to fall right off with items being made from high-grade textured polyester and ultrasonic welding. Rains’ newest apparel releases boats of vests, sweaters, and hoodies made of fleece material. Although fleece isn’t waterproof, it’s a textile that can keep you warm and comfortable while indoors.

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Harlan + Holden

The brand, founded in Manila that holds headquarters in Seoul, is known for minimalist contemporary design. With the mission to “save people time for things that matter,” Harlan + Holden aims to make clothes that shorten your thought process of what to wear. 

Harlan + Holden’s Hoodie Barrel in Dark Green (Photo from harlanholden.ph)

In line with this, their outerwear collection comes in versatile tones and designs. For example, the Hoodie Barrel piece is functional with an adjustable hem and includes large front pockets. (The pockets are a highlight if you ask us, womenswear seldomly provides the built-in storage we deserve.) 

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For options with bold colors, Swedish brand Stutterheim offers lightweight raincoats in most shades. Every season, they come out with limited collections and collaborate with brands like Marc Jacobs and Mari— other fashion houses that aren’t afraid of designing statement pieces. 

However, classic designs are also available in Sutterheim’s permanent core collection. Made to be worn rainy season after season, the muted tones from this set might deserve a permanent spot in your closet, too. 

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The British heritage brand founded in 1856 holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. Hunter continues to offer classics like their Wellington boot along with other updated styles advancing its rich history. 

If you’re looking for waterproof footwear that aren’t boots, Hunter offers close-toed rubber slip ons, clogs, flats, and sneakers. You can shop for your little ones, too. The 165-year-old brand  has a whole kids section for children’s umbrellas, bags, and boots, with a line collaborating with Peppa Pig.

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Banner photo from @rains on Instagram.

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