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The Swiss watchmaker continued on its path of bio-sourced timepieces with yesterday’s launch of Bioceramic.

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Last September, Swatch introduced the new direction it was taking when it comes to materials. Calling its next chapter as Bioreloaded, the self-described enfant terrible of Swiss watchmaking reconstructed its original 1983 collection in bio-sourced materials from the seeds of a Castor plant. It continues along this line with the introduction of its newest material, Bioceramic, which will be placed in its Big Bold pieces.

Bioceramic in sky-blue and power pink

This recent development, called Swatch Next, follows a global movement for sustainability and is in line with watch brand’s DNA. Developed under the leadership of Ernst Thomke in the 1980s, the brand was made out of only 51 component.

Its original intention was to take hold of the entry level market share that was lost in the 1960s due to the quartz crisis and the immense popularity of digital pieces. It was meant to re-energize interest in analog by crafting fashionable models in plastic.

Next chapter

The new material was introduced yesterday in a global launch hosted by Swatch Art Peace Hotel CEO Carlo Giordanetti and Swatch International VP for marketing Bernardo Tribolet. It is two-thirds ceramic, one-third bio-sourced plastic, once again utilizing seeds from the Castor plant. The resulting material is both more resilient and resistant than the original material of the Big Bold, which was launched just a couple of years ago.

Bioceramic in white, black, and gray

It comes in five colors: black and white (its classic colors), gray (one of the colors of the year), sky-blue, and new power-pink. Attached to the 47-mm diameter case are the bracelet, glass, and loops, which are also made from bio- sourced plastic.

According to the brand, all key Swatch product lines will further explore the use of more bio-sourced materials by the end of the year.

Bioceramic Big Bold is priced at P7,000 and will be available in select Swatch stores starting April 15. For more information, follow Swatch on Instagram and Facebook.

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