Global Frenzy: Omega and Swatch’s MoonSwatch Causes Shopping Hysteria in Cities Around the World - The Scene

Moonswatch resellers are asking for at least 10 times its original price.

You don’t think of low price points when you think about Omega. The price of their Speedmaster Moon Watches starts at $6,770. But a MoonSwatch, the Swiss company’s collaboration with high street brand Swatch, will set you back just $260. 

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“The MoonSwatch collection salutes the saviors of our industry in a witty and accessible way,” Omega’s president and chief executive officer Raynald Aeschlimann said about the joint collection.

 “The Swatches are perfect for budding Moonwatch fans, and I can’t think of a more appropriate icon for our shared project. We went to the moon; now we’re exploring the whole Milky Way. They’re great watches, in fantastic colors, and they make me smile.”

However, although the price point is attainable, getting your hands on one isn’t.

In demand

When it was launched in global Swatch stores this week, the collection of 11 colorway options had watch lovers in a frenzy. People lined up outside Swatch outlets, some camping overnight, across Manila, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Singapore, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and Bangkok, among other cities.

A central London store had to close amid the chaos in the middle of store hours. A shopper in Dubai needed police assistance to get out of the crowd. A Twitter user compared the unruly groups entering a mall to a “zombie movie.”

Now, those who braved the crowds are selling Moonwatches online for at least ten times their original price, and Swatch is trying to decrease unofficial merchants.

Combating resellers

 “For the moment, we have to update the purchase limit to one watch per person until further notice.” the brand stated. “We will revert back to two watches per person as soon as possible.”

Traditionally, Omega’s Speedmaster Professional (also called the Moonwatch because US astronauts wear them) is made of metal cases and features mechanical movement. For the MoonSwatch, its primary materials are ceramic and plastic, powered by batteries. 

Other details are similar such as the 42mm measurement, case countries, and subdial. The Speedmaster is highly regarded as one of the “must-have” watches if you’re a collector. 

The Swatch and Omega collaboration join the trend of high street and luxury labels joining forces to attract new audiences for each other. For instance, Adidas x Gucci, Yeezy x Gap, and Balmain x Barbie launched earlier this year.

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