How Aura Portraits Help With Self Exploration And Discovery

Aura portraits provide insight on a person’s character and inner state which can help understand and describe one’s energy.

Nowadays, most people are embracing individual thorough journeys through living more mindfully. Every time a calendar year ends, people seek introspection and reflection as it’s the perfect time to reclaim oneself. Here’s another self-discovery activity that just might pique your interest and may be worth exploring: getting your aura portraits done!

Aura photography is a “tangible way” to see our energetic wavelengths and how to explore our emotions in a particular moment. The way to see our “auras” involves taking a picture of a person using special equipment that can capture colors in the portrait. These colorful auras have seven layers which carry purpose and meaning unique for each individual.

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What an aura is

The discovery of auras dates back to 1939. Russian technician Semyon Davidovich Kirlian witnessed light on his fingers when it received exposure from the “photographic plate” in a high-voltage area. 

His discovery led to what we now know as Kirlian photography which creates images of “electrical discharges” or “auras” around an object. The 1970s saw the very first aura camera that Guy Coggins created. 

Mundane technicalities aside, there’s another perspective on the subject. “Auras are commonly acknowledged as the subtle energy field that surrounds living beings in the field of metaphysics,” Andrea, an aura photographer, said. Aura Obscura highlights all of her work.

An aura portrait studio, which, according to Radiant Human’s description, moves to function wherever it goes.
An aura portrait studio, which, according to Radiant Human’s description, moves to function wherever it goes./Photo via Instagram @radianthuman_

An aura is never stagnant as it is in “constant flux” depending on one’s thoughts and feelings. “No two auras are exactly alike, just as no two fingerprints are the same,” according to Aura Obscura.

What makes aura portraits special

Andrea further explained that getting aura portraits is one channel to get to know oneself, but it’s not the only way. “It offers another perspective that one may not have considered before,” she remarked.

Getting your own photo is a fun experience. It is like a visual diary to mark a personal season that isn’t visible to most people. Andrea clarified that the colors can represent one’s inner thoughts and experiences. 

“Seeing those colors can be very validating to someone going through a particular period in their life,” she continued.

Andrea emphasized that the activity is also an inner beauty portrait that helps people appreciate themselves in unconventional ways. 

An aura portrait from Aura Obscura
An aura portrait from Aura Obscura/Photo via Instagram @auraobscura_

How it’s done

The Auracle, which also performs aura photography, explained how the process worked. 

Once you’ve decided to get aura portraits, you’ll be placing your hands on silver hand plates with Ayurvedic meridian acupressure sensor points. It picks up energy from your hands and the camera receives it through a “biofeedback measuring technique.” Aura Obscura utilizes a similar technique. Biofeedback sensors capture and analyze the “electromagnetic field” or “aura” that surrounds a human’s body.

The colors formed on the portrait have corresponding meanings and interpretations which can identify your present-time state: how you are, how you are coping, and what feelings are at play.

Aura Obscura posted an in-depth description of the colors on the portrait, which have three main focal points. The lower left-hand side is for one’s internal state and where one experiences emotions and core senses of the self; the lower right is one’s external persona and state and how one presents themselves and relates to the world; and the area above the head is one’s mental state and how they are processing their thoughts. Clients can opt for a solo session or a couple’s session from them.

Some studios, like The Auracle, feature clients that have come solo, in pairs, as a family, with friends, and even with pets.

Aura portraits from The Auracle
Aura portraits from The Auracle/Photo via Instagram

Aura Oscura travels throughout Southeast Asia. They announce their location on their social media for people to know when and where to book a session. 

HALO Auragraphic, The Auracle, and Radiant Human practice aura photography but are based primarily in America. 

Let curiosity be your guide

Having aura portraits done could be a daunting undertaking at first especially those who are new to doing inner work for the self. But, really, it’s just another avenue to identify your true, inner feelings and how you go about life situations.

Andrea expounded that it is meant to be an experience of self-acceptance and one’s needs. 

“Don’t feel too pressured about the journey to be a particular way,” she said. “Let your curiosity lead you with ease and grace.”

Banner photo via Instagram

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