Host Your Next Intimate Celebration at Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar

Whether it’s a special anniversary or business affair, Ruby Jack’s offers a sophisticated ambiance paired with premium steaks, seafood, cocktails, and wine to help make your celebration extra memorable.

After climbing the grand staircase leading up to one of the entrances of Ayala Triangle Gardens’ newest mall, The Shops, one will find themselves face to face with Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar—the newest Philippine branch of the acclaimed dining establishment. 

Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
Outside of Ayala Triangle The Shops’ Ruby Jack’s branch

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are immediately greeted by skilled staff and cozy interiors that feel luxurious in their clean and modern style. Designed by skilled father-son architects Lorenzo Calma and Eduardo Calma, the latest branch of Ruby Jack’s feels like the perfect place to host a variety of intimate events—and true enough, everything from the restaurant’s sumptuous selection of dishes to its personalized service was created with this purpose in mind. 

Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
The restaurant provides an elegant and cozy ambiance

A World-Class Menu for Any Occasion

Ruby Jack’s is known for its assemblage of premium steaks from around the world, so those with a love for red meat will certainly not be disappointed. Among its offerings is the Dry Aged USDA Prime Ribeye, which provides a deep flavor that can only be achieved through proper aging. 

Steak at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
Preparing a fine steak

Then there’s the selection of fine wagyu meats from the Saga prefecture of Japan. Guests with a hankering for delicate steak should definitely try the perfectly marbleized Premium A5 Saga Wagyu Sirloin, which is buttery soft and possesses a rich flavor that fills the palate.

Steak at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar

Those entertaining many guests can order 1.2 to 2 kilograms of the restaurant’s John Dee Super Gold Tomahawk steak. The grandeur of its presentation is enough to make the mouth water. Served with a dash of dijon mustard and a drizzle of horseradish sauce, the Tomahawk steak offers a smokey yet balanced flavor. 

Steaks are also complemented by a creamy spinach siding, sweet buttered corn, smooth mashed potato, and tasty Shimeji mushrooms. For starters, guests can choose from a collection of tantalizing appetizers like savory foie gras paired with caramelized bananas and steak tartare that melts in the mouth. 

Steak at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
Sidings paired with mouth-watering steak cuts
Steak at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar

Pescetarians can also rejoice, as Ruby Jack’s offers delicious seafood dishes made with the same amount of care and quality ingredients as their red meat selections. Enjoy an iced plate of Japanese oysters that burst with the sea’s flavor, or Thick Cut Japanese Hamachi Crudo with tamari dressing, among many other choice seafood dishes. 

Carefully Curated Gustatory Pleasures

The restaurant’s menu is a simple one, with just a few sections containing not more than a dozen or so dishes. This was done on purpose, as Ruby Jack’s founder and chef Matthew Crabbe wanted to create a concise and highly curated menu. His intention was to ensure that no matter what dish guests would pick, they would come out of the restaurant satisfied. 

The selection process was based on Chef Matthew’s years of international culinary experience, as he made sure to choose dishes that only used the best techniques, procedures, and quality ingredients from around the globe. 

Chef Matthew Crabbe at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
Chef Matthew Crabbe grilling a steak to perfection

One could say that the food is a culmination of everything the chef has experienced in several kitchens across Europe, North and South America, Australia, and Asia; every bite transports guests to an entirely new world of gustatory pleasure. 

Adding to Ruby Jack’s Philippines’ uniqueness are the exclusive dishes it doesn’t serve anywhere else, which incorporate inimitable flavors and the best local ingredients. One example of this is the Buko Pandan Pavlova, a delicate meringue pastry filled with a scoop of coconut ice cream, sago, pandan jelly, and nuts. 

Buko Pandan Pavlova at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
A picturesque serving of Buko Pandan Pavlova

Privacy and Sophistication

The restaurant’s newest branch is a sleek space for small to moderate events, and includes a dedicated private dining room, and bar area. This makes it an ideal venue for close-knit gatherings like anniversaries, birthdays, and business meetings.

Bar Area at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
The bar area of Ruby Jack’s
Bar Area at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar

Ruby Jack’s even has a cellar stocked with a vast assortment of fine wines. Guests may want to pair their decadent steaks with one of their Old-World bottles from Italy, France, and Spain. Fans of New World wines can also enjoy an exquisite selection of products from Australia, Chile, Argentina, and of course, Napa Valley—which includes the treasured Opus One Vertical Collection. 

Guests can also take a sip of some cocktails offered at the restaurant’s comprehensive and elegant bar. Besides international classics, the bar serves five curated Tokyo signature cocktails, which were crafted by a decorated bartender from the brand’s Japan branch and are only available in the Philippines. 

Cocktail at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
A lovely cocktail that’s perfect for celebrations and happy hour

The private dining area offers an exclusive space for special occasions, and features an original art piece by the celebrated Tokyo artist, Masahi Osawa. 

private dining at Ruby Jack's Steakhouse and Bar
The private dining area featuring Masahi Osawa’s work

A Customized Dining Experience

Ruby Jack’s aims to create memorable dining experiences that suit the needs of their guests. Planning for gatherings is made more convenient, as the establishment’s staff can tailor their services based on a customer’s preferences—be it intimate family gatherings, small brand launches, or moderate birthday parties. 

Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar is located at the 2nd floor of The Shops Ayala Triangle Gardens, Tower 2, Paseo de Roxas cor Makati Ave, and is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. For inquiries and reservations, you may contact (02) 71181025 or (+63) 0917 876 2522. For more updates, you may follow their official Instagram @rubyjacksmanilaph and Facebook page.

Photos courtesy of Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar.

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