3 Philippine Brands Launch Exciting Health And Beauty Products

Stay up-to-date with local launches! These three brands have you covered with everything you need for your beauty routine.

In today’s world, self-care has become more important than ever. Whether it’s indulging in your passions or treating yourself to something special, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being. 

With so much happening around us, staying informed about the latest launches and products can be overwhelming. That’s where Lifestyle Asia comes in, bringing you the newest launches in the Philippines.

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Wellness Companion

Photo courtesy of Pili Ani

Skincare routines vary, from minimalist approaches to more elaborate rituals. PILI ANI, a female-founded, local skincare label in the Philippines, has launched its newest product, the Cleansing Butter. 

This innovative balm is created with Pili Butter, Pili Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Alteromonas Ferment Extract to cleanse, nourish, and protect the skin without removing its natural moisture.

PILI ANI’s Pili Butter is rich in carotenoids and vitamin E, offering antioxidant benefits and helps skin elasticity and firmness. 

Additionally, compared to cocoa butter, Pili Butter has shown comparable moisture retention properties. The Cleansing Butter is gentle yet effective, ideal for those exposed to environmental aggressors. 

It helps remove makeup, SPF, and impurities, leaving the skin clear, smooth, and moisturized.

Makeup artist Chechel Joson, known for her work with Hollywood celebrities, praises the Cleansing Butter for its plant-based, pure qualities. 

She integrates PILI ANI’s products into her makeup kit for her international clients to experience the excellence of Philippine-made skincare.

Your Skin’s Best Friend

Photo courtesy of Teviant

Teviant is excited to announce the launch of its latest beauty innovation, SHE BALM! 

This revolutionary lip product redefines lip hydration with a nourishing formula and vibrant shades that cater to the diverse beauty needs of makeup lovers.

Crafted with premium ingredients and created in Italy, SHE BALM! is a tinted lip serum and balm that meets the demands of today’s consumers. 

“We are thrilled to introduce SHE BALM! to our valued customers,” said Albert Kurniawan. “With its fusion of Makeup and lip care in one product, Filipinos get more from just one product,” he added. 

SHE BALM! provides hydration with its four powerful actives. It includes Soybean Glycerides, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, and Castor Oil.

Available in five shades, SHE BALM! promises a personalized lip care experience for all skin tones. 

Its compact, stylish packaging with a magnetic cap makes it a must-have accessory for on-the-go touch-ups. This ensures that beauty enthusiasts can indulge in lip nourishment and color anywhere, anytime. 

Your Skin’s Master

Teviant also introduces The Ultimate Skin Master Perfecting Starter, a vegan, mattifying, and lightweight solution that cares for your skin while hydrating it for a flawless base. 

Photo courtesy of Teviant

Crafted by experts in Italy, this velvety potion redefines skincare with its revolutionary formula. This set a new standard for long-lasting, skin-perfecting, and comfortable base routines.

This groundbreaking product combines nature and science to cater to your skin’s needs. Infused with absorbent powder and betaine, this starter improves skin texture for a matte yet radiant complexion.

The Ultimate Skin Master Perfecting Starter is vegan, formulated without animal-derived ingredients for a cruelty-free approach to beauty. 

It controls excess sebum, maintaining a matte finish throughout the day. Its lightweight texture effortlessly glides onto the skin, providing a comfortable wear without feeling heavy or greasy. 

Enriched with licorice extract, known for its anti-redness properties, this starter promotes calmness for the skin. 

Betaine, a natural moisturizer derived from sugar beet, harmonizes skin hydration, leaving it soft and supple. 

Cocoa butter adds nourishment and protection, resulting in a flawless complexion. Additionally, its gentle formula makes it ideal for daily use, either as a prelude to primer or as a standalone skincare essential.

Thoughtfully Made, Consciously Driven

Photo courtesy of K-Essentials

Introducing K-Essentials, a personal care range that embodies tradition, sustainability, and quality. 

What’s more is it’s crafted to nourish both body and soul, these essentials are rooted in a vision of sustainability and community empowerment.

The first product line features six essential oil blends designed to enhance personal well-being. 

Each set comes with a pouch crafted by skilled indigenous Filipina weavers, showing traditional Philippine fabric.

To experience the healing properties of essential oils all day long, simply apply the blend to pulse points like wrists, temples, or feet using gentle, circular motions.

K-Essentials now offers a range of products, including liquid soap, foaming wash, bar soap, candles, and diffusers, all made with natural ingredients that are sulfate and paraben-free.

Banner photo by Alesia Kozik via Pexels.

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