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This first-hand experience of Sofwave clears up all the questions you may have before experiencing it yourself

I’ll be honest: I am not open to invasive treatments. Not yet, at least! The idea of injections, going under the knife, blood, bruises, and downtime frightens me. Even the idea of getting a botox and filler scares me. I get anxious and jumpy just thinking about it.

But ever since I hit my mid-30s and after having two kids, I have become more dedicated in finding ways to age gracefully and less painfully.

I recently interviewed SKINCELL Founder and Lead Dermatologist Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona to talk about her clinic’s latest machine called Sofwave. The treatment is the latest breakthrough in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It is a quick 30 to 45 minutes session that is painless, non-invasive and with no downtime. After the procedure, you can resume your daily activities with no fuss.

All about Sofwave

“Sofwave is the latest technology that revitalizes the skin through innovative stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin,” says Dr. Issa. “It is FDA-approved and cleared for lifting the eyebrow, chin and neck as well as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.”

“Sofwave can achieve ideal outcomes in a single 30-45 minutes session. Patients love the fact that this procedure can fit into their active lifestyle at any time of the day, with its safety profile and integrated cooling Sofcool feature,” explains Dr. Issa.

The Sofwave experience

Given the words “painless”, “non-invasive”, and “zero downtime”, I was more than happy to accept Dr. Issa’s invitation for me to try Sofwave. This is my first time to try such a treatment as I have never done any, prior to this session.

First, the attendant applied a numbing cream especially formulated for Sofwave patients. After about 45 minutes, they wiped the numbing cream off and started drawing a grid-like pattern on my face. I was told these are the areas Dr. Issa will concentrate the Sofwave treatment on.

Dr. Issa starts the treatment by placing the handheld device to test how I will tolerate the ultrasound energy delivery. With cold gel on, she starts to move the device across a section along my cheeks. After the first beep, I could feel the area getting warmer but not in a way that makes it intolerable. Each cycle takes about 30 seconds of heat build-up after which Dr. Issa will move the device to another section. 

The Sofwave handheld piece is used to deliver ultrasound underneath the skin. It aims the ultrasound energy in targeted beams that is designed to penetrate the areas in the face where it will receive the most benefit.

Explains Dr. Issa: “Sofwave is smart science with a smart mode of action. It delivers high frequency ultrasound in a synchronous array of parallel beams into the dermis of your skin. This creates an innovation called volumetric directional thermal impact (VDTI) that translates to faster and more visible results.”

She went on to explain that Sofwave generates a fractionated thermal effect of 60 to 70 degrees centigrade in the mid-dermis. The treatment zones stimulate a healing response that leads to neocollagenesis and neoelastogeneis to lift the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


The treatment was indeed quick and painless. I estimate my session lasted about 30 minutes. 

Immediately after treatment, my face felt and looked tighter. My skin was also very warm and taut in a way that it wasn’t before, especially along my under eyes, jawline and nasolabial folds. Even my agent who joined me in the clinic noticed the change—she was very impressed with the after-session.

Dr. Issa explains that the most visible results can be seen as early as one week. However, the collagen and elastin regeneration process can take up to three months, so patients can continue to see improvements within the next 12 weeks after their first treatment.

She says, “Sofwave is a great alternative for those who do not want plastic surgery. At three months, the majority of patients were marked as very much improved following a single treatment. 72% of the patients were highly satisfied during the clinical phase as the safety profile was impressive with no serious adverse effects reported.”

The final takeaway

While Sofwave’s short-term effects were highly noticeable, I am still looking forward to the continuous collagen and elastin build-up in the months to follow. The good news is I could see a vast difference: I look less tired and my face feels lighter and much more lifted. I love the fact that it’s a once-a-year procedure without the need for a follow up treatment. 

But as Dr. Issa explained, “Sofwave is best used in conjunction with other SKINCELL treatments to achieve the best progress in terms of looking your best.”

I am very excited as SKINCELL is known for all the latest advanced aesthetic treatments. Dr. Issa was even kind enough to schedule me for a Lasergen treatment two weeks after my Sofwave session.

Now, I can finally look forward to aging well and good given I have SKINCELL to go to every time I feel the need for a quick pick-me-up or even just a chat over every treatment with a Board-certified doctor.

SKINCELL Advanced Aesthetic Clinics are located at Forbes Park, Makati; Bocobo Center in Manila; Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig, and Ayala Feliz in Pasig.

Dr. Issa Cellona also holds a clinic at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City BGC.

If you want to book a Sofwave treatment, contact their Makati Clinic at (+63)917-799-1412.To know more about their latest treatments and services, follow SKINCELL on Instagram and Facebook, or visit their website.

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