What We Can All Learn From Tina Baron's Wellness Wisdom

Tina Baron defines wellness as self-connection and inspires us to embrace simplicity and mindfulness in our lives.

How do you define life? 

Every person on Earth has a different definition of what life means to them. 

Some think that life is achieved through milestones like a promotion or an award. For others, life is synonymous with happiness; they say, “This is life,” during their joyful moments. Some simply define life as their daily routine.

For Tina Baron, life is as simple as going barefoot, as natural as no makeup. That’s how Lifestyle Asia captured Tina Baron, and that’s how she lives her life: simple, uncomplicated, and deeply connected to the earth.

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Tina Baron/Photo courtesy by Ed Simon of KLIQ Inc. 

Wellness Guide

Tina Baron is the founder of Buhay Retreats, a community dedicated to wellness. When asked to define wellness, Tina replied, “Wellness for me is connecting to oneself.”

“There are many paths to this connection. Some include being in nature, walking barefoot, eating right, getting enough sleep, mending broken relationships, getting more sunlight, acknowledging our traumas, and more. It’s not easy; it requires more effort than people realize. But just being aware that you’re disconnected from yourself is a significant step,” said Tina.

Tina Baron/Photo courtesy by Ed Simon of KLIQ Inc. 

Describing a typical day at Buhay Retreats, Tina explained, “Our days are balanced with movement, breathing, laughter, music, and meaningful conversations. We also engage in self-expression, enjoy nourishing food, and participate in creative activities. Moments of silence, rest, communing with nature, and personal reflection are also part of our routine.”

“It’s called a retreat for a reason—participants are encouraged to leave their phones and laptops behind. While I plan a schedule of activities, participants are free to spend the day as they wish, even if it means staying in bed. At Buhay Retreats, we emphasize ‘listening to your body,’” she added.

“We live in our bodies, and our bodies can tell us a lot, like intuition. So, why shouldn’t we be best friends with ourselves?”

Balancing Life

Tina Baron/Photo courtesy by Ed Simon of KLIQ Inc. 

In addition to Buhay Retreats, Tina also has a day job. She works for AKO Packaging, a Filipino manufacturer of Cassava Bags and Packaging, based in Bulacan.

“We are branded as AKO Packaging, and our factory is in Bulacan. I love my job because I get to meet different kinds of people.” However, there are challenges in everything.

“Convenience and profit often take priority over environmental conservation. Unfortunately, this applies to many aspects of life. But I am hopeful that one day, Filipinos can unite to protect this paradise we live in. I pray that humanity as a whole can come together to protect and preserve our planet and all living things in it.”

Always grounded, always in tune with her surroundings and the environment—that’s Tina.

Life’s Not Perfect

Tina Baron/Photo courtesy by Ed Simon of KLIQ Inc. 

Life isn’t always as easy as lying on the beach, feeling the sun on your skin. Sometimes, the sun’s rays penetrate deep, stirring a multitude of emotions. 

And emotions play a significant role in wellness. According to the University of New Hampshire, emotional wellness means being kind to yourself as you navigate a range of emotions.

For Tina, wellness is crucial because she has let herself down many times.

“When I look back, I realize that maybe if I had gotten more sleep, I wouldn’t have lost my temper. Maybe if I had allowed myself to rest, I would have made better business decisions. Maybe if I had drunk less or eaten better, I wouldn’t have gained 20 pounds and had to buy new clothes. I can share many more examples, but it all comes down to how being unwell made me turn against myself. But when I focused on wellness, everything improved: work, relationships, opportunities, my body, the way I taste food, the way I breathe. Everything.”

Tina hopes that the wellness industry is not perceived as perfect, represented by people who seem to have unattainable lives. 

“The wellness industry should highlight the struggles everyone faces before finding balance. It should remind people that wellness doesn’t mean we won’t have bad days; it just means we’ll know how to handle them better. Also, wellness shouldn’t be equated with looks!”

Simple Habits in Life

What are some key practices or habits that contribute to overall well-being? Tina believes in simple tips. 

“Clear the clutter. Clean your home. Take a shower. Walk outside. Soak up the sunshine. Smile. Engage in conversations. Eat food that brings you joy. Do this every day. It improves decision-making, work, and relationships,” she said.

“Admit your faults. Apologize. Forgive. Mend those relationships that are important to you. Pride doesn’t help; let it go. Evaluate your relationships,” she added.

Lastly, she advises, “Sleep. Rest. Pray.”

It’s remarkable how we often focus on the complexities of life and overlook the simple things. 

Like Tina, taking care of oneself, helping others and the planet, and staying connected to the environment and the earth are both simple and incredibly important in defining life.

We’re grateful for people like Tina, who raise awareness that the essence of life lies in appreciating all the little things.

Tina Baron/Photo courtesy by Ed Simon of KLIQ Inc. 

The Buhay Philosophy

When asked why she named her community “Buhay Retreats” and how she defines the word “buhay,” Tina explained. 

“I chose the name ‘Buhay Retreats’ because ‘Buhay’ can mean two things in Filipino: ‘alive’ and ‘life.’ They’re similar; both mean breathing, both mean not being stagnant. It’s ever-flowing. That’s what we’re all experiencing together.”

Tina sometimes sees people who seem busy but don’t feel alive. “So, I hope that my community and the friendships formed during the retreats ignite this energy. Essentially, it’s about helping everyone reconnect with their source, to reconnect with themselves. Let’s not go through life like robots. Everyone should feel alive, even if it hurts at first.”

So, how about you? How do you define life?

Banner photo courtesy by Ed Simon of KLIQ Inc. 

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