Inside Luminisce's Holistic Beauty Event With Ultherapy

Through a well-rounded approach, Dr. Kristina Reyes of Luminisce is ushering in a new era of beauty with Ultherapy

As the morning light stretched over Alabang, guests arrived at the Luminisce clinic, looking radiant for the occasion. The venue last June 20 exuded a tranquil ambiance with sage green hues, soft warm lighting, delicate white floral compositions, and ornate gold accents adorning the walls.

“If there’s a name that continues to remain relevant [despite the many new brands in the market], it’s Ultherapy,” said Dr. Kristina “Kaycee” Reyes, founder of Luminisce. “Today, we celebrate the 20 years of partnership between Luminisce and Ultherapy.”

Holistic defined

Ceejay Tapales-Marasigan, Dr. Criselle Martinez, Dr. Pauline Diño, and Dr. Kaycee Reyes Luminisce’s Ultheraphy
L-R: Dr. Ceejay Tapales-Marasigan, Dr. Criselle Martinez, Dr. Pauline Diño, and Dr. Kaycee Reyes

When asked about the brand’s holistic approach to beauty, the renowned wellness expert and health advocate expressed her thoughts. “Nowadays, so many things are labeled as holistic, making it hard to determine which ones truly are,” remarked Dr. Kaycee.

In its simplest form, holistic means focusing on more than just the external aspects of beauty. It involves addressing internal inflammation, which can occur in the blood vessels, guts, or other organs. These visible skin issues, according to the dermatologist, are manifestations of what is happening inside.

Although laser treatments and surgery are great for tackling concerns at a superficial level, delving deeper can be more effective for long term glow. Dr. Kaycee emphasized, “It’s not solely about aesthetics; it’s equally crucial to enhance your overall quality of life on a daily basis.”

A synergistic boost

Luminisce’s Ultheraphy
Luminisce combines state-of-the-art treatments with age-old preventive medicine practices

Leading a life unencumbered by limitations is of paramount importance. “Whether you’re 50 or 70 [years old], we want to ensure that you’re living your life at the most optimum level, free from sluggishness or fatigue,” Dr. Kaycee said.

Ultherapy can also be seen as a preventative measure, and Dr. Kaycee shed light on its broader application. “It’s not just for patients with sagging skin. In fact, it is more beneficial for younger individuals due to its superior lifting effect,” she explained.

Luminisce’s Ultheraphy
The clinic prioritizes the overall well-being of patients, going beyond just superficial improvements

On the other hand, for clients seeking less frequent procedures, preferring treatments every two years instead of every two months, cosmetic surgery emerges as a more suitable option. However, Dr. Kaycee stated that procedures like SVF stem cell therapy are not offered to just anyone. Instead, a personalized approach is taken, with client relationships serving as a foundation for assessing specific needs before presenting these choices. Dr. Kaycee stressed the importance of wholeheartedly embracing the change to achieve optimal results, stating, “Their decision cannot be half-baked.”

She also drew attention to the synergistic nature of combining preventive procedures with cosmetic surgeries, highlighting the complementary effects of these treatments.

Taking a holistic perspective on overall well-being, Dr. Kaycee shared her belief that everyone desires more than mere aesthetics. “When we interact with individuals, our aim is to ensure their well-being [extends beyond superficial improvements.] That’s why we also offer life coaching and direction if we believe it’s necessary,” she revealed. 

Dr. Kaycee proudly added, “We house the best machines available in the market today.” This commitment to excellence is exemplified by an impressive array of treatments.

In celebration of an amazing year of partnership with Merz Aesthetics, Luminisce is offering 20 percent off, a PHP 30,000 skin quality treatment voucher, and an additional 100 shots to the first 20 patients to schedule a whole face treatment.

Book a consultation with a Luminisce dermatologist today to get your customized bespoke treatment plan for your specific age-related skin and body concerns. For more information, visit their website. For the latest updates, follow them on their Facebook and Instagram.

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