‘1989 Taylor’s Version’ Drops In Multiple Streaming Sites

Taylor Swift owns her fifth album once again upon dropping “1989 Taylor’s Version.” The new album becomes Swift’s fourth re-recorded album, with two left to be released.

We’re just gonna “shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, Shake It Off” to Taylor Swift’s album drop: 1989 Taylor’s Version! The singer-songwriter released her version of the pop album today. Fans all over the world rejoiced as the album is now returned to its rightful owner.

1989 Taylor’s Version contains 16 songs which are present in the original deluxe album released in 2014. The album includes five new vault songs: “Slut,” “Say Don’t Go,” “Now That We Don’t Talk,” “Suburban Legends,” and “Is It Over Now.” 

Swift announced the release of 1989 Taylor’s Version during her last leg of the US Eras Tour concert in Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles.

The album gained traction quickly as soon as it’s released. Multiple 1989 Taylor’s Version lyrics and songs topped social media’s trending lists especially on X (formerly Twitter).

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Blue hints signaling 1989 Taylor’s Version announcement

Fans speculated 1989 Taylor’s Version’s announcement during her August 9 performance on Sofi Stadium. 

Swift donned a few blue outfits during the night which thrilled fans and sent suspicions stronger. The 1989 era popularized a light or coral blue color scheme. 

Swift put on a shiny “1989 blue” gown during her Speak Now set. “Enchanted” played with Swift showing off the frock and the fans’ chants grew loud. 

Taylor Swift’s blue gown during her Speak Now set
Taylor Swift’s blue gown during her Speak Now set/Photo via Instagram @taylornation

She put on a blue dress for her Folklore set as well. Fans waited for her 1989 set and looked for anything blue. Sure enough, she came out on stage with a two-piece blue dress and sent the fans in a happy frenzy. 

She announced 1989 Taylor’s Version during her surprise song set and sang the surprise song “New Romantics” from 1989

Taylor Swift announcing 1989 Taylor’s Version release in Sofi Stadium
Taylor Swift announcing 1989 Taylor’s Version release in Sofi Stadium/Photo via Instagram @taylornation

1989 is one of Taylor Swift’s most “critically-acclaimed” albums

Swift embarked on an incredible path to re-record her former albums: Self-titled, Fearless, Red, Speak Now, 1989, and Reputation. She intended to own her masters after Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun sold her masters to a private equity firm Shamrock Holdings for $300 million.

The singer re-released Fearless Taylor’s Version and Red Taylor’s Version in 2021. Speak Now Taylor’s Version dropped in all streaming sites and physical music stores earlier this year.

Her 1989 Taylor’s Version release lets her return one of her most “critically-acclaimed” albums. The album solidified her transition from her country teen sensation genre into a number of diverse new tones.

“It’s been waiting for you”

Swift described the 1989 Taylor’s Version release as a part of her being “reclaimed” once again. 

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the magic you would sprinkle on my life for so long,” Swift says in an Instagram post.

Taylor Swift’s short letter about her re-recorded album
Taylor Swift’s short letter about her re-recorded album/Photo via Instagram @taylorswift

Swift featured her mature vocals that gave further depth to the now re-recorded album. Fans all over the world can now listen to 1989 Taylor’s Version on all streaming platforms. 

Swift titled the album 1989 as she was born in that year. She presented it “with gratitude and wild wonder” to the fans who have been anticipating the re-recorded album since its announcement in August.

“It’s been waiting for you,” Swift teased as a reference to “Welcome To New York” lyrics.

Banner photo via Instagram @taylorswift.

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