Lively Revelry: 8 Tips To Keep In Mind For Your Next Concert

New to the concert scene? Here are some tried and tested tips to prepare you for your next musical excursion.

During Bruno Mars’ two-day concert in the Philippines, it was reported that many fans were stuck in traffic on the way to the show. Some even only made it to see the last few songs.

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Even if you don’t go to concerts often, you don’t have to be caught unprepared. Depending on the show you’re attending, it could be a whole day affair that needs proper planning. 

So, here are some tips from a veteran concert goer that may help you make the most of seeing your favorite artists live.

Prepare your things the night before

Forgetting to bring concert essentials is a nightmare, especially if the venue doesn’t have nearby shops like at the Philippine Arena. 

It may help you to make a checklist of items to bring, like your wallet, power bank, and definitely your tickets.

Concert ticket

Make sure to take note of the venue’s maximum size limit for bags so that you won’t have to leave it at the baggage counter. Bringing a smaller bag will also make it easier for you to move around on the day of the concert.

If you’re heading to an outdoor venue or you know you’ll be spending a lot of time walking outside, take note of the weather forecast in case you might need to bring an umbrella or a raincoat.

Wear comfortable clothing

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to attend concerts in your best OOTD, but make sure you can stand, walk, and dance in your outfit for hours, especially if you’re in a standing section. It would also be best to wear closed shoes to protect your feet from getting stepped on.

Check the organizer’s social media

If you want to get updates on the concert, the event organizer’s social media is the best place to check. They’ll usually upload a map of the venue, the schedule (like what time gates open), a list of prohibited items, and things you may need to present before entering the venue.

The Philippine Arena

Be at the venue as early as you can

K-pop fans know that concerts are pretty much an all day affair. If you’re attending a Korean artist’s show, you may want to wander around the venue to get freebies made by other fans or attend cupsleeve events organized by fanbases. For other concerts, I would advise getting to the venue two hours before the show starts just to be safe.

Going there early will also help you avoid traffic which can be quite unpredictable in the metro. If you’re heading to the Philippine Arena, it’s especially important to head out as early as possible so you can grab the best parking spots near the exit.

From experience, leaving Metro Manila at around 12 noon alloted enough time for traffic and one pit stop, allowing us to arrive at the Philippine Arena by 3 p.m. Leaving later in the afternoon could get you stuck in a traffic jam, since tens of thousands of concert-goers are heading the same way as you.

Don’t forget to eat

Either at home or at the venue, help yourself to a filling meal before the concert. Remember that venues usually don’t allow outside food and drinks.

While there are some food options sold inside the arena, it can be difficult to eat when you just want to focus on the show itself.

Fully charge your phone

If you’re someone who loves taking photos and videos during concerts, make sure you fully charge your phone before the show starts. This will also be helpful if you plan to meet with friends or if you need to book a ride home through an app.

Inside the Philippine Arena

Keep concert etiquette in mind

As just one of thousands of fans, remember that everyone at the concert is just there to enjoy the show like you. 

Avoid pushing in lines or to get to the front of the stage and alert security if there is someone being excessively rowdy nearby. This is for everyone’s safety, as pushing could result in a crowd crush. If someone falls over near you, do your best to help them up and make sure they’re okay.

If you’re taking videos, try not to hold your phone too high above your head. Unless you’re at the very back, it may block the view for the people behind you. The same goes for signs and banners you may have brought for the artist to see.

Enjoy the show!

Once you’re there in your seat or situated in the standing area, all there’s left to do is have fun! Concerts are a momentary escape from our day to day lives and you’ve probably been waiting months or years to see your favorite artists perform live.

This is your time to let loose, sing along, and dance the night away to the songs you know and love.

Banner image by Wendy Wei via Pexels.

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