5 Filipino Swimsuit Brands For Your Summer Style

Are you heading to the beach and searching for a new swimsuit? Or are you adding to your swimwear collection? If you prefer to support local brands, here are five swimsuit brands made by Filipinos.

With this heat, we can’t help but declare that summer is truly here! The perfect and most effective way to beat the heat is to embrace it – at the beach! But before you head out, it’s crucial to have the perfect swimsuit to showcase your style. 

For those who wish to support local brands while looking stylish, here’s a list of 5 Filipino-made swimwear brands in the Philippines.

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Blackbough Swim

Established in 2017 with the aim of finding the perfect, straightforward bikini for relaxing on the beach, Blackbough Swim came into existence.

Owner Jemina Ty stated, “I started Blackbough Swim from my bedroom. All our teams from design, marketing, production, etc. began as a team of one. I am incredibly grateful to those who have supported the growth of this team into the beloved brand it is today. I can’t wait for you to try my designs and experience the warmth and beauty of the tropics through these pieces!”

As per Vogue, the swimwear label transitioned from a small Filipino brand to an internationally recognized line in six years, thanks to a strong social media presence. The brand is also inclusive, catering to all shapes and sizes.

Sew Local 

Michelle Dee wearing Sew Local/Photo by Dennis Sulit via Instagram @sewlocal

Sew Local PH is the place to go for custom-made bikinis that celebrate your unique style and fit.

Their mission is to encourage the freedom to express yourself through swimwear tailored just for you, any day, anywhere.

“Forget the rules; it’s all about what makes you feel best,” stated the Sew Local website.

Eighth Mermaid

Eighth Mermaid offers the perfect one-piece swimsuits for your next beach trip. 

Their swimsuits are form-flattering, offer ample coverage, and are available in the cutest cuts and designs. 

If you’re seeking the ideal swimwear to enhance your collection, look no further than Eighth Mermaid.

Hindy Weber Everyday

Hindy Weber is a Filipino fashion designer, biodynamic farmer, and advocate for a more thoughtful way of living. She is passionate about changing how we eat, shop, consume, and create.

From a young age, Hindy has been fascinated by fashion and how clothing and accessories can express our emotions and personality.

“I admire beauty in all its forms, and my goal is to make others feel beautiful,” Weber expressed on her website.

Hindy Weber Everyday collection exudes a simple yet elegant charm. The swimsuits are designed to embrace the body, instilling confidence in the wearer.

Luxurious yet unpretentious, straightforward yet exceptional, Hindy revolutionizes ready-to-wear fashion by offering effortless, ethically made clothing that allows you to “embrace all aspects of yourself freely.”

“The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter globally, and we are committed to not adding to that simply for the sake of a pretty dress.”

“We do our best with the current resources available, constantly seeking new solutions to ensure that our passion for high-quality fashion remains a positive, not harmful, pursuit.”

Paraiso Swimwear

Offering a broad array of swimsuit designs, from one-pieces to two-pieces, Paraiso Swimwear is the latest go-to brand in swimwear. 

Founded by Marjay Ramirez and based in Cebu, the brand presents elegant swimsuit designs that perfectly match your personality. Especially if you’re seeking swimsuits for a wardrobe capsule. 

According to Ramirez, “Growing up in Cebu, I’ve always had a passion for the ocean and I have been in the fashion industry for more than 20 years. Over the years, I had the opportunity to travel for work to many beach destinations around the world and was exposed to many of the world swimwear brands. When I finally bought a luxury swimwear, I was surprised by how great I felt in it and how many years I continued to wear it. That is when I decided I wanted share my luxury swimwear experience with the Philippines at competitive price. 

While developing Paraiso Swimwear, we took inspiration from the idea of preserving one’s core memories – creating a lasting connection with the wearer.  In order to do this, we provide the highest quality, long lasting and timeless luxury swimwear so you are able to treasure it for the years to come.”

Paraiso Swimwear, a premium swimwear brand, prioritizes exceptional quality and comfort while ensuring flattering and timeless designs. The brand draws inspiration from the concept of preserving core memories, aiming to create a lasting connection with its wearers.

Paraiso Swimwear designs each item to evoke the sensation of being in “Paradise.” The ultimate goal is to offer investment pieces that can cherish for years of island getaways and beach adventures.

Mix and match them, and you’ll discover they look like a whole new set!

Your Own Sunshine

This summer, always remember that your confidence is the perfect and most important beach essential. 

Regardless of the shape, size, and design of your swimsuit, what makes it beautiful will always be the wearer. 

So go ahead and choose the best swimsuit that showcases your best personality. Choose a swimsuit that will make you realize that summer is all about soaking up the sun, feeling the sand between your toes, putting on your favorite swimwear, and feeling good about yourself for being able to experience all of these.

Banner photo courtesy of Paraiso Swimwear.

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