Meet The 10 Most Eligible Bachelorettes Right Now

Stunning looks and a strong sense of style are not the only qualities that make these women the most eligible bachelorettes right now. Being eligible goes beyond appearances. Among the most essential factors is one’s character. No matter if one comes from a reputable family or an heir to a family business, remaining down-to-earth and building a life of their own is indeed commendable.

With their wit, confidence, and passion for their work and noble causes, these 10 women are certain to catch hearts everywhere they go. They may come from different affluent backgrounds yet all are determined to pursue and develop their passions, creating a positive impact on people’s lives.

Scroll below to get to know these beautiful and elegant women.

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Natalia Zobel

As the co-owner of Lanai Manila, it is apparent how Natalia is interested in event styling. From setting up flower arrangements, directing the creation of stunning vignettes, and mounting artworks, Natalia is certainly attuned with the arts. On top of all that idyllic sense of living, her love for fashion that shows through the resort wear she co-founded, Lanai by Island Style.

Alessandra Lopez

Having studied International Security Policy with a regional concentration in East Asia at Columbia University and having worked as Government Partnerships intern in UNICEF, Alessandra sure has quite the formidable pedigree. Aside from that, however, she is also interested in dancing ballet, reading, traveling, and learning new languages like Mandarin Chinese.

Nicole Coson

With first-degree honors in art, the full-time and London-based visual artist focuses on analog print-making. Her artworks are mostly composed of black and white colors with the occasional blue, taking on the theme of camouflages. Breaking ground and representing well overseas, Nicole’s works have already been featured in several museums and galleries.

Pia Ojeda

With her preference for a healthy lifestyle, it is no surprise for Pia to open Gusto. The food venture serves the freshest greens and naturally-grown food. Even with a seemingly full plate, Pia firmly believes there should be a balance. She may have the affinity for clean and healthy-eating but she suggests one can go for the occasional lechon and fried chicken as well.

Kerry Tinga

Kerry has a fondness for arts and literature. She likes reading modern classics, writing for a national newspaper, watching classic films, and going on thrilling adventures. Scroll through her thoughtfully curated Instagram feed and get to see the world through her eyes, whether it be teaching classes or zipping from one social function to the next all with graceful ease.

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Nikki Huang

Beyond writing for a national newspaper and being a member of the WWF Youth Council, Nikki is pursuing college in Boston yet comes back to Manila from time to time. A scroll through her Instagram feed also shows she is invested in fashion, showing a strong sense of style.

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Sara Siguion-Reyna

What is there that she doesn’t do? An Associate Editor of a luxury magazine in the country harnesses different passions, Sara also likes to read fiction, searches for the latest beauty trends, and works out through spin classes. Making full use of each day with all her personal and professional pursuits, Sara Siguion-Reyna is definitely living her best life.

Milka Romero

The budding businesswoman is the founder of creative restaurant concepts like Ms. Gee and DRYNK. She is also now the managing director of Roku Group that handles restaurants like Sushi Nori in the country. Together with her passion for sports like football, the young restaurateur is indeed living a dynamic and fun-filled life.

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(Photo from Styling by Adiamor)

Marga Bermudez

With her passion for music and a distinct style of streetwear, Marga Bermudez certainly stands out. Her commanding voice as an emcee elicits excitement in the nightlife scene, elevating the energy of crowds. Ask around and they will all agree: it isn’t a party without Marga On The Mic.

(Photo from MEGA Magazine)

Erica Dee

With a fondness for fashion, Erica co-established Bondi Studios with two of her close friends. Through the lifestyle brand that creates handmade sophisticated accessories for women, Erica is proud of its direction in promoting Filipino talent and creativity. The brand also perfectly reflects her bright and charming personality and her preference for vibrant style ensembles.

Photos from their respective Instagram accounts.

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