Modern Day Prince Charmings: Meet The Gen Z Bachelors 

These eligible young men are the dream boys of this generation—good-looking and highly-educated, while belonging to esteemed families. 

Often when older generations hear the word “Gen Z,” they associate it with images of kids and toddlers. But contrary to popular belief, some Gen Zs are now grown-ups in their late teens and early twenties. According to Beresford Research, they are born from 1997 to 2012, making the youngest of the generation 11 years old and the eldest 26 years old. 

Now that it is established that there are some adult Gen Zs—some of them grew up as fine young men. These “bachelors” are from families known in different fields of business or show business. Educated, driven, and easy on the eyes, these young men are indeed Gen Z society bachelors. 

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Tim Laude

The youngest son of the social media sensation and socialite, Small Laude, and candy man, Phillip Laude, Timothy Laude is one to watch out for. Affectionately known as Tim, he is a fan favorite among the Laude children. He is often seen in vlogs being affectionate and sweet to his mom and little sister, adding charm to his already good looks. Moreover, Tim recently graduated from Ateneo De Manila University, making him the perfect chinito Atenean dream boy.

Tim Laude
Tim Laude posing for his graduation picture/Photo via Instagram @timothylaude

Earl and Errol Uy

From one chinito from Ateneo, let’s now move on to two dreamy chinitos from the green side. Earl and Errol Uy are the sons of Efren Uy, the president and founder of F2 Logistics. The brothers are often seen courtside at volleyball games supporting their team F2 Logistics Cargo Movers. 

Earl Uy
Earl Uy during his travels/Photo via Instagram @earl.u

The older brother, Earl, often flexes his hard-earned body on Instagram.  While the younger Uy, Errol, gives off soft-boy charms in his photos. Both are good-looking but exude different kinds of charisma. Indeed, the Uy brothers are your Lasallian chinito charmers. 

Errol Uy
Errol Uy in Turkey/Photo via Instagram @errolcayleuy

Andres Muhlach

Son of Filipino celebrities Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales, Andres Muhlach, indeed won the gene lottery. Andres is currently studying in Spain, pursuing an Arts degree. The 21-year-old is also busy modeling whenever he is in the country. Moreover, Muhlach accompanied his sister, Atasha, to the Les Bal des Dèbutantes as her escort. Muhlach is the mestizo eye candy of this generation. 

Andres Muhlach with his mom (Charlene Gonzales)
Andres Muhlach with his mom (Charlene Gonzales)/Photo via Instagram @aagupy
Andres Muhlach
Andres Muhlach in NYC/Photo via Instagram @aagupy

Jakob Poturnak

The youngest on the list, Jakob Poturnak is the son of Filipino celebrity Ina Raymundo and Ukrainian-Canadian businessman, Brian Poturnak. Jakob was recently seen playing varsity baseball at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Athletic and good-looking, Jakob is surely a varsity crush. 

Jakob Poturnak
Jakob Poturnak/Photo via Instagram @jakobpoturnak

Banner photo via Instagram @timothylaude.

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