No Logos, All Fashion: Our Latest Obsession With Quiet Luxury

Out with the old, in with the new, goodbye to the huge logos, because quiet luxury is in. 

The latest obsession in the fashion world and the ultra-rich’s biggest 2023 trend (and also one of the hardest to describe) is “quiet luxury” or “stealth wealth.”

The BIG Q: What is quiet luxury?

It’s the logoless “you’ll know it when you see it” brands, it’s a very subtle way of flaunting your bank account but not being very in-your-face.

According to Thomaï Serdari, director of the fashion and luxury MBA program at NYU’s Stern School of Business, quiet luxury is defined as “clothing of the highest quality, but also clothing that has timelessness, is sophisticated and understated,” this means no gold Gucci belt buckles and shirts with ultra huge logos that scream “I paid a HUGE amount of money for this.” 

Why is it popular now?

Well, thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow for her courtroom fashion at a ski crash dispute, where she was outfitted in neutrals and cashmere sweaters as well as the HBO series Succession where characters regularly wear $600 cashmere baseball caps in neutral colors sans logos and subtle but expensive Tom Ford sunglasses.

Why do people prefer quiet luxury?

Let’s talk about it: high quality, tailored pieces that are made from more sustainable fabrics will never go out of style.

According to fashion psychologist Dr. Dion Terrelonge, “Only those in the know will understand that you are wearing something prestigious or luxurious because it doesn’t have obvious branding. It’s an inner circle mentality.”

Also, it basically makes your splurging worth it especially when you account for cost per wear. Imagine keeping a simple t-shirt in your closet for several years instead of throwing them out after just one use.

Here are some of the favorite fashion houses in the Quiet Luxury category.

The Row

Photo via Instagram @therow

Loro Piana

Photo via Instagram @loropiana


Photo via Instagram @hermes

Brunello Cucinelli

Photo via Instagram @brunellocucinelli_brand


Photo via Instagram @loewe

Banner Photo via Instagram @loropiana.

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