Designer Hindy Weber's Unbreakable Bond With The Natural World

Hindy Weber returns full circle and rekindles her love and connection with nature.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s October issue. 

In the heart of Laguna, lives a woman whose passion for Filipino craftsmanship and community has turned her into a local hero. Meet Hindy Weber, a remarkable entrepreneur and designer who has not only brought locally sourced produce to our tables but has also woven the threads of creativity and sustainability into our wardrobes with her unique line of local wearable art, Hindy Weber Everyday.

Hindy Weber
Hindy Weber of Holy Carabao and Hindy Weber Everyday

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Nature At Her Core

Weber wanted to be a wildlife scientist or zoologist as a young girl, but she was also very creative and loved to sketch and cut up her mom’s clothes. She geeked out on biology encyclopedias and dreamt of working in Africa, Borneo, the Amazon. When there were not many opportunities for that kind of study in the Philippines, she pursued a more creative field and studied Communication Arts in Ateneo de Manila and then went on to postgraduate studies in fashion design in New York City.

Hindy Weber with her dog
Relishing the fresh air outdoors with T-Rex

Weber worked as a private label designer for seven brands over the course of 11 years, and designed custom bridal and evening wear for eight years. After so many years of being in Manila living and breathing city life, she had always felt something was amiss. She shares, “As a young mom, I knew immediately we couldn’t live much longer in the city and that we had to explore a better living environment for our children. This is when we decided to build a farmhouse in Laguna. We started an edible garden that became Holy Carabao Farm, and my husband started The Fun Farm as a park for children– something they can go to during weekends instead of another mall.” She adds, “It was living on a farm in Laguna that brought me back full circle to my love for nature and animals.”

Weaving Threads Of Local Artistry 

Driven by her passion for local goods, Weber expanded her enterprise into the realm of wearable art. She realized that the same principles of community support, sustainability, and craftsmanship that applied to local produce could be extended to fashion. The collection is crafted from natural, raw, organic, and biodegradable materials. Her company adheres to sustainable design practices including using organic and natural materials, reusable or natural trimmings, plant and water-safe dyes, and ethical manufacturing. The Hindy Weber Everyday collection follows the revolutionary slow- fashion movement to ensure that they never overproduce garments that end up in landfills. Their top-of-mind consideration is of their workers’ wellness and that of the planet’s, while making the customer feel beautiful and comfortable.

Hindy Weber with a rabbit
Hindy Weber is at her happiest when she’s close to nature and animals

Working closely with local textile artists and seamstresses, this line of clothing reflects her respect for the environment. Every piece is a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, infused with stories and inspirations drawn from the community, her travels, and her environment.

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Photos by Willy Saw.

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