Pet Wellness: Where To Get Premium Healthy Treats For Your Furry Companions

Part of showering your pets with love is trying to keep them healthy.

Our pets are a constant source of joy and comfort during these difficult times, and we should in turn show our affection to them. One way to do so is keeping them in good shape and health.

From their meals, supplements, down to the nibbles we give, all these should be made from natural ingredients to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need.

Here are a few online platforms to get healthy pet treats needs:

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Bits and Bites Manila

Offering homemade treats for puppies and adult dogs, the online store has biscuit packs like Cheddar Crisps, Peanut Butter Crunch, and their newest flavor, Coconut Bananarama. The packs are for pets and customers, so both can enjoy these delightful nibbles.

Click here to order.

Bon Apawtit Dog Treats

Wanting our beloved companions to be healthy is what spurred the creation of this pet label. Their treats range from dehydrated ones (soaked in organic vinegar and hand-trimmed) such as chicken gizzards, beef liver, duck feet, cow ears to Beefy Green Twist (wrapped in green beans) and Suchick Bites (inspired from the shape of Sushi and made with chicken meat, sweet potato, turmeric, and moringa powder).

Click here to see all their products.

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Pawfect Plate

This all-natural artisan pet kitchen offers products using only natural ingredients. Apart from giving pets high-quality nutrition, they are catering to those with food sensitivities and picky palates—common problems that frustrate pet parents. Thankfully, Pawfect Plate has a wide range of dehydrated treats to choose from such as green-lipped mussels, ox tripes, sardinella, anchovy, and quail halves. They even have supplements like eggshell powder.

Click here to see their product list.

Bon Apetreat

All-natural and homemade products make up the menu of Bon Apetreat. Their pet chews and raw packs are air-dried, ensuring these don’t undergo artificial processes. Their treats come in form of granola bites but in flavors like buffalo, beef, and sea (whole blue mackerel scad and whole herring). Apart from the bites, they have broths, flosses, and toppers that can be mixed with your pet’s meals or even stuffed into lickimats and kongs. These are great meal enhancers for picky eaters.

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Barkery on 10th

Your furry companion will certainly find something to enjoy in Barkery’s wide array of chews. They have different flavors of jerkies and rabbit and duck cookies. Their bully sticks are cut into dimensions appropriate for the varied sizes of dog breeds. These sticks are made from Australian cattle, low in fat but high in protein. Some treats may be surprising (whole chicklets, bone-in ducks, and rabbit heads) but these are all free of antibiotics and hormones so your pets are safe.

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Pawty Pack

From biscuits, muffins, to air-dried meats, Pawty Pack makes everything using human-grade ingredients. What makes them stand out are their personalized jars and boxes with handcrafted goods for your pets. Be it their birthday celebration or a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, the store curates an assortment of toys, accessories, and treats. Due to limited stocks, they are currently closed but a visit into their website says they are reopening real soon.

Click here to see their Instagram page.

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