TWICE Performs Two Sold-Out Shows At The Philippine Arena

The K-pop girl group reunited with Filipino fans last weekend with two sold-out shows.

It’s been four years since Filipino Once (TWICE fans) saw the girls perform in the Philippines, which made this reunion that much sweeter. 

The K-pop girl group brought their A game despite missing one member, Chaeyoung, who had to sit out this leg of the tour due to health reasons.

TWICE opened both of their sold-out shows on September 30 and October 1 with “Set Me Free” and “Can’t Stop Me.”

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The girls then took a moment to introduce themselves and greet their fans with big smiles. “You guys waited so long for this day to come, right?” Sana asked on the second day. “Since you guys waited so long, let’s have so much fun tonight, okay?”

Day one of TWICE's Philippine concerts
Day one of TWICE’s Philippine concerts | Image via Twitter @JYPETWICE

After speaking, they went on to perform more hits such as “Go Hard,” “More & More,” “Moonlight Sunrise,” and “Brave.”

A group of talented individuals

The members were also able to showcase their individual talents with their solo stages. Nayeon and Jihyo, who were the first members to debut as solo acts, performed their songs “POP!” and “Killin’ Me Good” respectively.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members chose to perform covers of other songs. Dahyun played the piano while singing to Colbie Caillat’s “Try,” Tzuyu performed Charlie Puth’s “Done For Me,” and Sana sang and danced to Dua Lipa’s “New Rules.”

Momo stunned the crowd with Beyoncé’s “MOVE” complete with a pole dance routine while Mina chose to do her own rendition of Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings.” Jeongyeon then brought out the good vibes with Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

For the first time on tour, a live band accompanied TWICE as they sang some of their biggest hits such as “Feel Special,” “Fancy,” and “The Feels.”

A quick snapshot after the first concert
A quick snapshot after the first concert | Image via Twitter @JYPETWICE

The members also performed a medley of some of their earlier songs including “Yes or Yes,” “What Is Love,” “Cheer Up,” and “Likey.”

“Let’s scream as loud until we take off the roof and we see the stars in the sky,” Nayeon said, as they encouraged the crowd to sing and dance along to the songs that have defined the group’s extensive discography.

After taking another moment to speak with the fans, the girls continued the night with “Alcohol-Free,” “Dance The Night Away,” and “Talk That Talk.”

Closing a memorable weekend

While the members took a breather before the encore, there was a special segment for fans to show off their love for TWICE’s choreography.

The last day of TWICE's Philippine stop
The last day of TWICE’s Philippine stop | Image via Twitter @JYPETWICE

They then returned to the stage with “When We Were Kids,” as their childhood photos flashed on screen. The fans also expressed their appreciation for the group by playing a video featuring their journey throughout their career. The fan project ended with everyone lifting up banners that said “Thank you for keeping your promise. Thank you for coming back.”

“Actually, the screams and the reactions of all of our Filo Onces during Twicelights [tour] was very unforgettable. But being able to experience it once again, to see all of you welcoming us with your heart, we’re really thankful and we really enjoyed the stage,” said TWICE’s leader Jihyo.

The group then closed their two shows with an encore roulette filled with fan favorites. On day one they performed “BDZ” and “Hot.” Meanwhile, day two concert-goers were treated to “Jelly Jelly,” “Strawberry,” and “BDZ” as well.

To end the last of their Philippine shows, the group made another promise to come back, giving fans something to look forward to once more.

Banner images via Twitter @JYPETWICE.

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