#RSVPLifestyleAsia: Success from Passion with Z and Aivee Teo

With the casual yet elegant ambiance of the Gallery by Chele, guests came in lively spirits as they prepare for RSVP Lifestyle Asia this September. The decor of the private dining room entranced the guests with its rustic vintage theme. The beautiful interiors reflected the power of art to inspire, like the purposeful lives of cover personalities Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo. The midday affair celebrated the groundbreaking work of the Teos in the dermatology and aesthetics industry.

Lifestyle Asia Editor-in-Chief Dong Ronquillo thanked the guests for joining the celebration.
Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo sharing how honored they are for being Lifestyle Asia September 2019 edition’s cover.

The power of passion

The lunch formally opened with Lifestyle Asia Editor-in-Chief Dong Ronquillo’s speech, thanking the guests for joining the celebration. Dong shared how lovely it was working with the Teos for the September 2019 edition of the magazine. Lifestyle Asia chose the couple to grace the cover for their deep passion, commitment, and world-class innovation in the fields of dermatology and aesthetics.

In their speech, Drs. Z and Aivee Teo extended their gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate their ten stellar years in the industry with Lifestyle Asia. Z believes it is a blessing for them to be working in the field they love. He thanked all the people who supported them throughout the years. For Aivee, she said how honored they are for allowing them to share their stories and be featured in the magazine with other society figures like Sheila Romero and Roxanne Farillas. To close her speech, Aivee shared the passion that is in their hearts encourages them to wake up every day and provide their clients with the best service they deserve.

Moki Gray event styling added life to the affair with acrylic floral painting on walls, vintage decor, and blooms in pale hues. They covered the tables in nude and old rose fabrics. Atop the tables are tall floral arrangements and bright green leaves in clear glasses. Together with the elegant tableware of Casa Luxia, this visual feast prepared the guests for the delectable courses of Gallery by Chele.

Scrumptious bites.
Delectable bites and appetizer.
Grilled chicken with mushroom and corn.

A tropical feast

Lunch started with scallops, cashew, and lime. Heirloom pumpkin followed with Kaffir lime and seasonal greens. For the main course, duck rice and grilled chicken satiated the appetite of the guests. The dessert was Pandan made of mouthwatering Dulce de Leche, Nata de Coco, and Latik. To complement the variety of flavors, guests picked among the premium red and white wine bottles of Titania.

The lovely afternoon of this month’s RSVP Lifestyle Asia ended with guests receiving wonderful giveaways from Laura Mercier. The Aivee Clinic also gave anti-aging, moisturizing cream for the guests as part of their skincare routine.

The afternoon feast highlighted the lives of the guests filled with passion and purpose. Drs. Z and Aivee Teo are truly powerful and inspirational figures. We celebrate their commitment to innovating treatments and technology in the industry. 

Scroll below to see photos of the event taken by Floyd Jhocson and Miguel Abesamis.

Raul Francisco, Joanna Preysler, and Sheila Romero.
Cris Albert, Tina Cuevas, and Ana Lorenzana De Ocampo.
Ana Lorenzana De Ocampo, Joanna Preysler, Dr. Aivee Teo, Lifestyle Asia EIC Dong Ronquillo, Julie Boschi, and Arlene Cu.
Mond Gutierrez enjoys a lively conversation with Vince Uy and Lifestyle Asia EIC Dong Ronquillo.
Marga Nograles, Cris Albert, Tina Cuevas, Patrick Rosas, and Alelee Andanar.
Roxanne Ang-Farillas.
Dr. Z Teo, Ferdi Salvador, Dr. Aivee Teo, and Grace Baja.
Ana Lorenza De Ocampo, Julie Boschi, and Arlene Cu.
Cris Albert, Alelee Andanar, Tina Cuevas, Dr. Aivee Teo, Ana Lorenzana De Ocampo, and Arlene Cu.
Lifestyle Asia EIC Dong Ronquillo with Roxanne Ang-Farillas.

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