Sea Of Possibilities: The World's First Floating City is Being Built in The Maldives - Travel

The developer of the Maldives Floating City touts the project as the “world’s first true floating island city.”

Netherlands-based developer Dutch Docklands is constructing the Maldives Floating City, the first of its kind with thousands of houses and full government support.

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The city will float along a flexible and functional grid across a 200-hectare lagoon. This lies just 15 minutes away by boat from the Maldivian capital of Malé.

“With its unique location in a paradisiacal setting, next to President’s Island—and full support

of the Government of Maldives—we are extremely proud to launch the first Floating City in the world. This will be an amazing place where locals and foreigners can buy their dream property at affordable prices,” Dutch Docklands chief executive officer Paul HTM van de Camp said.

Development took place for over a decade. Now, the Maldives Floating City will feature 5,000 housing units and an all-water front.

All of these will be tethered to the lagoon floor and linked together “to create a safe and comfortable environment.”

Hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and marina will eventually join the city’s planned homes.

First of its kind

Taking inspiration from traditional Maldivian seafaring culture, the developers worked closely with local authorities.

Dutch Docklands said that others have attempted floating cities before, but none have featured its development’s most compelling selling points.

Namely, it cites its full-scale technical, logistical, and legal expertise.

Future homeowners would be able to qualify for local residency permits to allow both permanent and semi-permanent living.

The developer is also working with the urban planning and architecture firm Waterstudio. Through this collaboration, Dutch Docklands has devised an on-the-water urban grid that can supposedly adapt to the stakeholders’ changing needs.

Progress report

Presently, the marine engineering, technical details, and specifications are all complete.

Construction will start immediately after the government approves the remaining deliverables. 

Modular city construction is scheduled for January 2023. Completion will take four to five years.

However, BISON is already constructing an initial block of floating homes. This is due to be transported to the lagoon and opened in August following the school holidays.

Such a timeline will enable the public to visit and personally see how the homes will appear.

Banner Photo by Maldives Floating City via website

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