5 Most Expensive Fashion Shows Of All Time

Ever wonder about the most expensive fashion show? Dive into the glitzy world of luxury fashion as we reveal the most extravagant runway events.

Ah, fashion – it’s a world of limitless creativity, luxury, and a dash of extravagance. 

Think about it; fashion shows are like those vibrant fireworks that light up the night sky, dazzling us with their sartorial brilliance. 

As the curtains rise twice a year for Milan Fashion Week, we, the fashion enthusiasts, are treated to a carnival of style in the heart of Milan. 

But today, we have a burning question: what are the most expensive fashion shows ever staged?

Staging a fashion show, you see, is not for the faint of heart, or the light of wallet. 

The costs spiral into the millions, and we’ve curated a list to feed your curiosity about the crème de la crème of fashion shows.

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Versace’s Milan Miracle – Spring/Summer 2018 ($2.5 million)

First in our lineup is Versace’s Spring/Summer 2018 show, held in the city of Milan, Italy. 

Brace yourself – this show set them back a cool $2.5 million. 

Picture this: the courtyard of Palazzo Versace adorned with a colossal replica of the iconic Medusa head. 

The show featured 57 jaw-dropping looks, and to top it off, a live performance by none other than the sensational Rita Ora.

Gigi Hadid posing at the backstage of Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign in Milan.
Gigi Hadid, Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign in Milan/Photo via Instagram @versace

Dior’s Equestrian Extravaganza – Cruise 2019 ($8 million)

Next, let’s gallop over to Dior’s Cruise 2019 show, hosted at the Grandes Écuries of the Domaine de Chantilly in France. 

This event took a jaw-dropping $8 million out of their coffers. 

They didn’t just transform the venue; they turned it into a bona fide rodeo arena, complete with a dirt floor and 70 horseback riders. 

The show boasted 83 fabulous looks, and believe it or not, it took nearly a week just to construct that mind-blowing set.

The Dior Cruise 2019 collection is a tribute to tradition reinterpreted in a contemporary way.
The Dior Cruise 2019 collection/Photo via Instagram @dior

Louis Vuitton’s Museum Marvel – Fall/Winter 2020 ($10 million)

Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2020 show unfolded within the hallowed halls of the Louvre Museum in Paris. 

Now, brace yourself again for this one: it cost a staggering $10 million

Imagine a 600-foot runway constructed right inside the museum’s iconic courtyard. 

To add more extravagance, a live orchestra was thrown into the mix. Louis Vuitton sure knows how to put on a show!

Women's Fall-Winter 2023 of Louis Vuitton (LV). The GO-14 bag recalls Nicolas Ghesquieres debut fashion show for the Maison in October 2014.
Women’s Fall-Winter 2023/Photo via Instagram @louisvuitton

Chanel’s Ocean Liner – Cruise 2018/19 ($10 million)

Chanel, the powerhouse of fashion, never disappoints when it comes to extravagant shows. 

Their Cruise 2018/19 show took place at the Grand Palais in Paris, which was transformed into a luxury liner. 

Can you guess the cost? A whopping $10 million! 

They didn’t skimp on details either; they built the replica liner to scale, measuring 200 feet in length, 30 feet in height, and 50 feet in width.

This show featured 114 sensational looks, and believe it or not, it took nearly two months to construct that breathtaking set.

Chanel's Camellia prints and touches of colors for the Chanel Fall-Winter 2023/24.
Chanel Fall-Winter 2023-24/Photo via Instagram @chanelofficial

Victoria’s Secret: Shanghai Splendor – 2017 ($20 million)

Now, let’s talk about one of the most-watched fashion events globally – the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

In 2017, it landed in Shanghai, China, and the price tag? A jaw-dropping $20 million

The show’s high cost, mainly attributed to the international venue, held in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, required the transportation of hundreds of people and equipment.”

Guinness World Records states that the lingerie spectacular takes place at the Grand Palais in Paris, France.

It featured 51 dazzling models like Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima, strutting their stuff in 82 outfits. 

All while musical sensations Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars provided the soundtrack. Woah, right?

A photo of Victoria's Secret Angel Cindy Bruna during the Victoria's Secret x Shanghai edition in 2017.
Cindy Bruna/Photo via Instagram @cindybruna

Runway Royalty

So, there you have it, a glimpse into the world of fashion shows where price tags reach astronomical heights, and creativity knows no bounds. 

The next time you see a runway event that takes your breath away, just remember the efforts behind the magic.

Banner photo via Instagram @dior.

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