Travel Essentials: Top Tier Luggage Brands Worth Investing In

Ensuring that your items are safe throughout your trip comes at a price.

Traveling for the holidays is sometimes an unpleasant experience. Long lines in the airport, flight delays, and sometimes even overweight luggage affect the mood of the whole trip. Sometimes, dressing up comfortably and stylishly at the airport isn’t enough to reprieve the good vibes. 

The sense of security that your personal belongings inside your luggage are safe helps calm the travel anxiety down. Furthermore, having durable luggage ensures you will not lose valuable items for your trip. That’s why investing in durable luggage should be at the top of your list. 

These luxury luggage brands provide high-end check-in baggage that would secure your items and, at the same time, elevate your airport style. 

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The most known brand on the list, Rimowa is a German brand that dedicated its craft to providing exceptional luxury luggage creation. Known for the classic and seamless design—especially the silver luggage—the brand also offers a lifetime guarantee for all purchases after July 25, 2022. 

Top Tier 2023 luggage
Check-In L/Photo via Rimowa website


Carrying a Globe-Trotter check-in is an understated statement. The brand uses a unique material called Vulcanised Fibreboard—marketed as virtually indestructible. Aside from its durability, luggage from the brand also sports a unique design that is distinct and elevated.

Top Tier 2023 luggage
Centenary Large check-in 4 wheels/Photo via Globe-Trotter website


TUMI is a known manufacturer of luxury check-ins and carry-ons. They create amazing designs that compliment any personality, adding the durability factor, the brand’s dedication to travel bags is outstanding.

Top Tier 2023 luggage
19 Degree Aluminum/Photo via Instagram @tumitravel


Samsonite is well-known for being a trusted brand when it comes to durable luggage. The brand prides itself on creating a variety of styles—opening choices for everyone. The brand also developed a light and sturdy material that makes up their bags.

Top Tier 2023 luggage
Lite-Box/Photo via Samsonite website


A sustainable luggage brand, Paravel created the world’s first carbon-neutral checked luggage. They create bags made of sustainably-sourced materials including recycled polycarbonate, recycled aluminum, and recycled vegan leather. 

Top Tier 2023 luggage
Aviator Grand/Photo via Paravel website

Banner photo via Globe-Trotter website.

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