The Benefits Of Curating Healthy Hair Habits

These notable experts advocate for healthy hair habits and emphasized long term care is just as paramount as one’s desired style or color.

“Achieving a hair style is more than just the products you use,” said Jude Hipolito, the other half of JURO Salon Exclusif. “It’s only as good as the person applying the products and their experience.” Meanwhile, Studio Suyen’s Suyen Salazar stressed the importance of vegan hair products and why exposure to products with ammonia poses dangerous risks. All in all, for them, healthy hair habits are essential not just for one’s crowning glory, but also for their overall well being.

Jude, together with his partner Rose Velasco, put up JURO for more than 20 years and they specialize with precision cutting and other specialty treatments. His specialty is a precision cutter while she is the only master colorist in the country.

Suyen has been a longtime practicing hair stylist who is about to open her own studio.

Lifestyle Asia interviewed these experts where they revealed their tips and tricks on ensuring one’s hair is well cared for.

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JURO and Suyen’s healthy hair treatments

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, the experts revealed the hair-healthy services or products they currently offer. 

JURO provides their clients with a L’Oréal product called INOA, or Innovation No Ammonia in color treatments. “This is 100 percent vegan,” Jude explained. 

Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco of JURO Salon Exclusif
Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco of JURO Salon Exclusif/Photo from Jude Hipolito

Rose said INOA is a unique product. “Vegan and at the same time it does oil coloration to the hair. It has the ODS technology, or the oil delivery system. It doesn’t have ammonia, but it can fully cover white hair.” She elaborated also that the INOA treatment makes one’s hair softer and protects the scalp due to the oil ingredient.

“This is a perfect option for those who are older, more mature, and have sensitive skin or scalp, or have allergies,” Jude and Rose said. “The INOA treatment doesn’t have a fragrance so, if you have allergic reactions to smell, this won’t trigger it. This product is also okay for new moms or those who are pregnant. We recommend that it’s safe for everyone.”

Suyen in turn recommended three chemical-free treatments that she currently has on offer: the K18, glossing, and hydrating treatment. 

Studio Suyen’s Suyen Salazar
Studio Suyen’s Suyen Salazar/Photo via Instagram @suyensalazar

“These are not vegan, but they are chemical-free,” she clarified. “K18 is to repair and restructure the hair. It [the hair] goes through a lot of chemical processes like coloring and perming, so this restores it. The glossing treatment provides an instant shine to the hair, if for example you’re going to an event. A hydrating treatment is something like the K18 but is less intense.” 

Set goals with your stylist

Suyen added the treatments aren’t all temporary and really depends on one’s home care treatment, which she recommends for long-term hair aftercare. “It’s more of a maintenance and upkeep rather than a one-fix solution,” she said. 

She stressed how pivotal it is to maintain a relationship with your hair stylist. “If you’re one of those people who change your hair for an X amount of time, consult with your hair stylist.” Suyen explained that when you do consult with your stylist, be sure that the treatment also prepares your hair for your intended next steps for it. This way, you are thinking about its long term goals. 

“This way, your stylist knows what to expect, like everything is a setup for the next step,” she said. 

Mastery is essential for healthy hair

Both Jude and Rose together with Suyen agreed that in large and frequent amounts, ammonia and formaldehyde are dangerous. They, along with their hair stylists and clients, are at risk as they will also be inhaling the products. 

Most salons adopt products with ammonia or formaldehyde as an ingredient and sometimes it cannot be helped. They speed up and intensify the effects of a hair treatment, especially in coloring. The National Institute of Health spread awareness that formaldehyde can cause allergic contact dermatitis with progressive severity after each re-exposure. Meanwhile, ammonia is a powerful agent that, while may be helpful in hair treatments, could irregularly change one’s hair’s acidity level

Rose stressed that more than the chemicals, it’s the hairdresser who is also a factor in healthy hair habits. “The hair colorist or stylist should be knowledgeable about the brand,” she said. Jude added that it’s also one’s mastery of the products, that one should be able to perform treatments that are best and right for their clients. “It’s only as good as the person doing the service.”

Rose explained that hair services like bleaching and coloring cannot avoid ammonia. The renowned hairdressers admit stylists use the chemical to get proper results but what they guarantee their clients is that they do a proper pre and post treatment with them. They narrated that they hold consultations with their clients before every service so that they can perform correct treatments with long-term care.

The JURO magic: healthy and vibrant-looking hair after a full-treatment service from Jude and Rose/Photo via Instagram @jurosalonexclusif

Global movement for no ammonia

Jude explained that while most products in the market have ammonia in their ingredient list, the world is gearing towards safer innovations. 

L’Oréal stated in their website that it has been at the forefront of the no-ammonia movement for years. Their INOA treatment has been around in the market for decades and promotes a healthier approach to hair coloring. 

No ammonia results are also well-coveted, especially to those who are following the hair trends in the industry. Jude and Rose said that the effects of the vegan products to hair is shinier, smoother, and gentler to the hair and scalp.

True enough, L’Oréal posted five reasons why the world should adopt the no-ammonia movement: gentle colors, protection and shine to the hair, no fragrance, full gray coverages, and natural-looking hair.

Revlon is another brand that explores ammonia-free products as well as Garnier

The most important thing to remember about styling one’s hair is the fact that it is more than just an aesthetic endeavor. It is important to adopt healthy hair habits to have not only a gorgeous style, but also vigorous and nourished locks that endure. 

Our experts have shown that treatments should go beyond hair care. They call on to their fellow hairdressers to prioritize skill mastery and product knowledge to provide both the clients wants and needs.

You can contact JURO Salon Exclusif through their Instagram and Facebook pages, and Suyen through Studio Suyen and @styledbysuyen on Instagram.

Banner photo from Averie Woodard via Unsplash.

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