This Ingenious Filter System Produces Clean Water—And It’s Ideal For Typhoon Relief Efforts

Before you consider donating bottled water in relief efforts, here is a better, effective, and sustainable way of providing clean water for typhoon victims.

Almost a week since super typhoons devastated the country and thousands of Filipinos still lack access to basic essentials like clean water. The flood may have subsided in some areas, but millions of contaminants remain in these waters. It’s unsafe to drink water straight from the tap and so most relief packages include single-use bottled drinking water. As much of a help as this is, these non-biodegradable plastic bottles actually play a significant role in aggravating the ongoing climate crisis. Waves For Water addresses this issue with its clean water filtration systems. The humanitarian organization brought in the MVP Point One Filter, a safe and convenient water filter system, giving communities potable water for many years.

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Turning It Pure 

While water is essential and a basic human right, it is often overlooked even in the sphere of supporting communities in far-flung areas. Having clean water reduces the risks of many sicknesses, especially now that recent typhoons destroyed thousands of livelihoods. So, Waves for Water Philippines has been actively providing water filter systems that deliver millions of liters of clean water to communities, Recently, they focus on typhoon affected-regions like Cagayan, Albay, Batangas, and Catanduanes.

How does the filtration system work? With a capacity of 1 million gallons or 3 million liters, the filter removes cysts and bacteria that cause illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, salmonella, and e.coli. Rather than using reverse osmosis or ultraviolet, the technology they use is membrane filtration. This separates substances to remove microorganisms, bacteria, and natural organic material that can add a taste, color, and odor to the water.

Beyond its effectivity, the bucket systems need not electricity to operate and can also last for up to five years when properly maintained. Each unit can provide a family of 10 or up to 50 individuals with clean water, truly ideal for relief efforts.

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Every Drop Counts

The need to provide clean water not only requires access to technology but the empathy and willingness to take action as well. Having access to a basic need should be no question. However, the effects of the irresponsible implementation of infrastructures and mass-production of unsustainable products lead to water scarcity and landfill pollution. Thus, it is highly crucial to counter these through ingenious products like the filter systems of Waves for Water.

Presently, the non-profit organization is pooling cash donations to deliver their water filters to affected communities in hard-to-reach areas. Through these water filters, typhoon victims can gradually recover their livelihood. It is a tough and long process but helping out in any way is still a step towards rebuilding these people’s lives.

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