Top Five Oddly-Shaped Bags You Should Add To Your Collection

These pieces don’t sport the classic silhouettes of your average designer bag, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a try.

Luxury bags prized for their classic and sophisticated structures. The tote, hobo, traveler, and doctor silhouettes combine style and functionality, which is why they’re commonly used by fashion houses for the designs of their signature bags.

While these timeless pieces have their place in every discerning fashionista’s closet, there are days when one might crave something more eccentric and head-turning.

If you’re looking for pieces that stand out and serve as great conversation starters, look no further. These bags will certainly add some whimsy to your collection:

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Off-White Burrow 24

A spin-off of the Burrow 22, the last bag Virgil Ablo released before passing, the Burrow 24 is structural but still possesses an odd shape. Unlike other Off-White bags, where loud logos and patterns are plastered everywhere, this style capitalizes on its fine calfskin exterior, circular embellishments, and caved-in corner.

Off White's Burrow 24
Off White’s Burrow 24/Photo via Off White official website

Thom Browne Hector Bag 

The Thom Browne Hector is a fun bag for the collection. Inspired by the designer’s dog, the bag is shaped like a dachshund, so the wearer looks like they’re taking their canine out for a stroll.

While the bag is among the industry’s most innovative pieces, it’s actually a staple of Thom Browne. The Hector bag is given a different look in every collection, cementing its place as one of the brand’s most beloved signature pieces.

Thom Browne Hector Bag Spring 2022 collection
Thom Browne Hector bag for Spring 2022 collection/Photo via Instagram @thombrowne

Alaïa Le Coeur Bag 

Part of the brand’s Fall 2022 collection, this heart-shaped bag captured the hearts of its audience. Although Maison Alaïa is a brand known for its heritage, this bag represents its new era with a younger and more updated look.

Alaïa Le Coeur bag for Fall 2022
Alaïa Le Coeur bag for Fall 2022/ Photo via Instagram @maisonalia

Loewe Rabbit Bag 

Those searching for more bags shaped like animals can look to Loewe’s Rabbit Bag. Released as part of the brand’s Year of the Rabbit collection, the piece is a cute and charming one that’s perfect for beach or cottage-core outfits, and will surely capture the attention of those who see it.

This isn’t the first time the brand has released an animal-themed piece, as it’s also known for its adorable elephant bag.

Loewe Rabbit bag
Loewe Rabbit bag/Photo via Instagram @loewe

Coperni Swipe bag 

A bag inspired by the former “swipe to unlock feature” of the iPhone, the Coperni Swipe bag is the ultimate “it” piece today. With a timeless yet playful design, the bag is perfect for both day and night outfits. 

Coperni swipe bag
Coperni swipe bag/Photo via Instagram @coperni

Banner photo via Instagram @coperni.

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