Woman on a Mission: Ciara Joins This Year’s Celebrity Roster Releasing Beauty Brands - Beauty & Aesthetics

OAM debut collection offers five products all infused with brightening Vitamin C.

This year has seen a plethora of celebrity-owned beauty brand launches. From names in the modeling world, Hailey Bieber’s Rhode, reality television, Kim Kardashian’s Skkn by Kim, and acting, Scarlett Johansson’s The Outset, even musicians are getting in on the trend. 

After Gwen Stefani debuted GXVE and Lady Gaga relaunched her Haus Labs company with new products, Ciara is introducing OAM (On A Mission). Being a beauty entrepreneur adds to Ciara’s resume, apart from winning a Grammy, writing a children’s book, the New York Times bestseller, Why Not You?, and starting the fashion brand The House of LR&C.

“I used to think I was my most beautiful self with all the makeup on,” Ciara tells Allure. “But that’s not real. That’s not how to live.”

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Skin boost

“I feel kind of funny going on about the list of things I’m doing,” the 36-year-old tells Allure. “But it all goes to the power of believing in yourself. I always say I’m a woman of ambition on a mission.”

OAM’s first products are five items that work toward achieving radiant skin. The collection includes a cleanser, brightening pads, a brightening serum, an eye revitalizer, and a moisturizer. According to Vogue Business, every formula uses Vitamin C—which works toward even skin tones and a brighter complexion. 

OAM’s debut collection of five skin brightening products / Image from @Ciara on Instagram

Although brand launches by celebrities get the public’s attention, Nicole Quinn, an investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners (which backs Jessica Alba’s Honest and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop), says their sales make small contributions to the $355 million US beauty market.

The real impact

In fact, it counts for only seven percent of sales. “It only feels bigger because when a celebrity comes out with a new beauty brand, everyone talks about it,” Jensen tells the publication. But beyond their recognizable faces, the famous folk use their beliefs in beauty as their mission. 

Celebrity-owned brands only contribute to 7 percent of the US’ beauty industry, according to Nicole Quinn, an investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners. / Image from @Ciara on Instagram

For Johansson, The Outset is all about uncomplicating skincare and sticking to basic non-harmful formulas. On the other hand, Kardashian’s Skkn by Kim introduces a nine-product ritual packaged in her signature monochromatic beige aesthetic. 

In Ciara’s case, OAM is about finding your natural self. “I used to think I was my most beautiful self with all the makeup on,” Ciara continues sharing with Allure. “But that’s not real. That’s not how to live. While being on a mission to do so many things that I want to do, it’s important to me that I love who I am at the core and [love] myself when there’s not a lot going on.”

Images from OAM.

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