70 Years Of The Extraordinary: This Brand Celebrates Its Milestone Anniversary By Showcasing Local Talent - Arts & Culture

Rustan’s invites four Filipino artists to share their unique works through contemporary, figurative, and abstract art in Rustan’s For The Arts Exhibit.

Supported by her husband Bienvenido R. Tantoco, Sr., Gliceria Rustia-Tantoco’s vision for Rustan’s was to bring the most luxurious and exciting brands to the Philippines.

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The company expanded the concept of fine taste and luxury within the local sphere through exclusive fashion, beauty, and home brands from all over the world. In the course of their mission of elevating Filipino lifestyles, they noticed that local artists at that time did not have proper venues and environments where they could master their craft; hence they established Galerie Bleue initially as a workshop. 

It eventually transitioned to be a prominent gallery, strategically located inside Rustan’s. Since then, the group furthered its legacy by putting Filipino artistry at the forefront of its business, thereby cultivating a renewed passion and appreciation for the arts. The inception of Galerie Bleue in 1984 marked a new era in which Rustan’s earned a key role in raising awareness for Filipino talent.

Rustan’s for the Arts exhibit runs until August 31, 2022 at the 2nd Level, Gallerie, at Rustan’s Makati. 

Featured artists

Markus Jentes

A Manila-based contemporary artist, he is known for his use of vibrant lines and shapes in subtle yet mesmerizing paintings. He initially developed a district style that blends sharp geometric minimalism with bold colors during his Fine Arts studies in Pepperdine University, California. In recent years, Markus’s approach to art slightly shifted towards abstract expressionism, wherein he uses a blend of acrylics, spray paints and other mediums to create nature-inspired paintings. 

Thea Quiachon 

Known for her figurative art, the Cavite-based talent focuses on stories about people’s intricate connections with one another. Through her work, she creates seemingly indistinct illustrations that hold meaning to her yet open for the interpretation of the observer.

Ian Sapang 

A self-taught artist whose works are abstract in nature, he combines smoky strokes and defined textures to bring viewers to a place of trance and rediscovery. His inspiration draws from perceived emotions within an environment, thus creating masterpieces that would hopefully evoke the same passion and interest among his audience. 

Paulina Luz Sotto 

An abstract artist whose works follow the concept, “the beauty in simplicity”, as evidenced by her use of clean lines and bold colors, the Ateneo de Manila University alumni—who graduated Cum Laude in 2015—is the granddaughter of the late Philippine National Artist Arturo Luz. Today, she continues his legacy as a visionary of the arts.

To learn more about Rustan’s for the Arts exhibit, head to @rustansph on Facebook and Instagram or visit rustans.com.

Banner photo via Instagram @rustansph.

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