Dr. Aivee Teo Gives An Emboldening Speech at the Med Gala 2020

Within more than a decade in the dermatology and aesthetics industry, Dr. Aivee Teo has established a clinic upholding only the excellent practices and services for its clients. With her expertise, it is no wonder she became an influential and well-admired figure. As an alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas, she shared her experiences at the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery’s Med Gala 2020. Dr. Aivee is a true trailblazer with how she revolutionized the industry and with her true commitment to her work.

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Dr. Z Teo accompanies his wife, Dr. Aivee Teo, at the UST Med Gala 2020.

Recognizing excellence

Before the 150th anniversary of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery next year, the institution held the gala to honor alumni like Dr. Aivee who has certainly made waves in the industry. In front of the crowd of the Med Gala, she shared her experiences with enthusiasm. Like any alumnus of the prestigious institution, Dr. Aivee encountered several challenges as a student. Yet she faced every single one with the courage and determination to excel. From the insights she gathered to the values she ingrained, she came to be an esteemed physician and dermatologist.

Apart from harnessing what she learned from the university, Dr. Aivee continues to embody a compassionate heart and the spirit of true service. Beyond revolutionizing the industry together with her husband Dr. Z Teo, she gives back to her Alma Mater. She donates to the UST Faculty of Medicine & Surgery’s Anargyroi Foundation to support their upcoming projects. Through this, the students can continue to pursue excellence, similar to Dr. Aivee. One can deem her as an inspirational figure through her unwavering passion, emboldening people to uphold only the highest standards in their work.

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Dr. Aivee Teo donates to the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Anargyroi Foundation.

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