Half Kidding: Tiffany & Co. Releases 18K Gold TiffCoins Following Its April’s Fool’s Joke - Objects of luxury

One TiffCoin costs $9,999.99, limited to 499 pieces.

Last April 1, on April Fool’s Day, Tiffany & Co. announced their entrance into cryptocurrency—but they were kidding. 

“We’re launching our own cryptocurrency called TiffCoin—with exclusive product launches, NFT releases and invite-only events for top TiffCoin holders!” the company tweeted. “Get some gold in your wallet with #TiffCoin.”

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However, when they revealed the announcement was a hoax, they shared that the “TiffCoin” is real. The brand created individually engraved and numbered 18K gold coins as a present-day version of Tiffany Money—gold and silver coins that could be exchanged for its jewelry. Tiffany Money started in the seventies and was discontinued in 2007.

Pieces are limited to only 499 coins for $9,999.99. Buyers will also receive access to Tiffany & Co.’s future events and happenings. 

Last year, the 185 year-old jewelry brand committed more to its April’s Fool prank.

After posting on social media that it will change their famous blue shade to “Big Bird” yellow, Tiffany & Co. temporarily plastered its store in Beverly Hills the striking shade and hosted a “Yellow Diamond” café on site. 

Banner photo from Tiffany.com

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